Weaver Tarot: Bibliomancy

A small passage from the book - Tori Amos: Piece by Piece
A small passage from the book – Tori Amos: Piece by Piece

Bibliomancy the practice of interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book for psychic divination and fortune telling. I tend to let my intuition guide me to which book to use and then flip of a page, holding my question in mind. The question I held in mind today was the same as I hold any day I read for my followers: what message would be most helpful and enlightening for people as they move forward in their day?

Today’s theme is about grief and honoring the emotions that come with it. In this instance the words speak to the gifts that can come from allowing yourself to feel the pain and just be in that place of dark feeling. A place where you allow your grief to guide you to the underworld.

Journeying to the underworld is not always easy, it is a solitary pursuit and demands you take time to really look at and work with the shadow-self. If you are honest in your work and feeling, great wisdom and self knowledge can come from this journey. And if you are inclined to create, such a journey and the connections that come from it can be a source of great muse and artistic inspiration. In this case, Tori’s songs became a voice for the grieving spirits she connected with in the underworld. She didn’t let her fear of the dead or ghosts cloud her, rather she saw a need that aligned with her own and created great art.

Through opening herself to this process she eventually found healing and peace.

As I have already stated, this month has been a particularly rough month for a lot of people. Death, change, loss and confusion have all been themes. But so has the theme of being called to the underworld to do shadow-work. This call is not easy to answer and the journey is challenging, but by allowing yourself to be in that place of feeling and do the work, healing will come.

The dark heals just as often as the light.

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