Daily Tarot Reading: 10th of April 2017 ‘Let it flow’

Tarot Reading with the Starchild Tarot, quartz points, tourmaline and lavender.
Tarot Reading with the Starchild Tarot, quartz points, tourmaline and lavender.

Today’s reading although intense is fairly straightforward. The energy of the Tower is surrounding us. The unnecessary is falling away and the truth is being revealed, no matter how hard or easy it is to hear. Some of the changes are sudden, others you are aware have been coming for a while but you have probably been in denial. There will be a shake up in the foundations of your world, you will be forced to reevaluate your truths and possibly consider letting your ideals and plans go so that you can start over with more honest and stable foundations. However, the energy of the tower is bigger than that at the moment, the whole world seems to be going through a massive shift. As such, there is a lot of chaotic energy around.

But what to do?


The four of swords tells us to rest – for now. Let the changes happen. Observe but don’t act. You have been doing really great work with all the best intentions up until now. Before you can begin on any new journeys, let your body, mind and spirit rest.


The final card was the Akashic Records. To me this indicates that the all of the changes being brought around by the Tower offers a subtle but powerful gift of opening up a higher connection to both yourself and the mysteries of the universe. The old saying: “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.”, comes to mind.

So let the changes happen and wash over you. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to keep up, rather take care of yourself and look for the windows of light that shine through the dust of change and open yourself to the gift of higher wisdom being offered.


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