Weaver Medicine Bags Being Birthed!

Weaver medicine bags being birthed.

One of my favorite things to make for people is medicine bags. I love the way my house becomes infused with the smell of herbs and smoking incense. Then there are piles of magickal goodies that I get to work with over a cycle of three months. This process also includes going on adventures to the sea, mountains, forest and desert to collect the necessary ingredients. It’s a beautiful creative and magickal process.

I have been working on bringing these medicine bags into being for the last three months. Every medicine bag I make takes at least three months because I infuse them with the magic of three full moons. So, although these bags have been in high demand, I can only produce so many that will carry the right energy and magick for their keepers.

These medicine bags will carry the final blessing of the Libra full moon – balance of the heart, mind and spirit.

A brief list of bags available to buy will include
(more detail will be given at the time they are listed on Etsy):

Medicine for healing the heart and manifesting a greater sense of love and abundance in your life.

Medicine for balancing heart, mind and soul.

Medicine for assisting psychic development, dreaming and spiritual connection.

Medicine for the artist to assist working with the muse and healing the muse.

Medicine for the artist to assist inspiration.

Medicine to assist and protect you while working with the shadow-self and shadow-work.

Wolf medicine bag.

Fox medicine bag.

Owl medicine bag.

Raven medicine bag.

Each bag will cost $50.00 Australian. I am available to create custom l medicine bags and charms. You can email me any requests or questions at weavertarot@gmail.com

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