Weaver Medicine Bags: Sale.

After three months the first Weaver Medicine bags are ready and looking for homes. Each bag and it’s contents are listed on our Etsy store: Weaver Tarot. Images of them are at the end of this post. Each bag has it’s own unique blend of herbs, flowers, resins, oils, spices, fur, bones, feathers, crystals all of which are ethically obtained and have been charged by three full moons: Leo, Virgo, and Libra.

Each Medicine Bag carries its own spirit. Instructions* that will come with each bag are as follows:

Firstly, don’t ever open a medicine bag. A list of ingredients will be supplied. When a medicine bag is completed and drawn closed, it’s purpose and intention is bound to the closure. Undoing any medicine bag will immediately unbind the intention.

When you first receive your bag, try to wait until you are alone to open the package. It’s best if you can establish a relationship with your medicine bag on first ‘meeting’ so to speak.

When you are alone and have a nice, quiet and calm space, unpack your bag and enjoy the scent and look of it. Then, lay out the bag, and take the candle and place it in a candle holder.

Get a small pin and a lighter.

Don’t light the candle yet. Think about the intention of the bag, whether it be enhancing psychic connection, connecting to an animal medicine, balancing of heart, mind and soul etc. Then think about your own intentions and goals in connection to the bag, keeping them aligned. For example, if you have the ‘Manifesting love and abundance in your life’ medicine bag, you might inscribe on the candle: manifesting and feeling greater self-love. In essence, this step tailors the medicine bag to your personal needs and makes your relationship with the spirit in the bag unique. This bag won’t work for any other person. Now, using the pin, inscribe your intention on the candle using a few key words. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

WARNING: do not ever target your bag towards another person. For example, if you purchased the love and abundance bag, don’t carve a person’s name on the candle that you want to make fall in love with you, or set the intention of the bag and candle to make someone fall in love with you. This interferes with free will and never ends well. I have also made it so that if any of my bags are set to interfere with the Rede ‘Do no harm’ (including interfering with free will) they simply wont work.

Once you have carved the candle, light it, making sure to keep it away from anything flammable and never leaving it unattended.

Holding the bag, meditate with it and on its purpose. Talk to it. Focus on your intentions. Visualize the goals you’d like to see coming into being. Connect with the spirit of the bag. This spirit could look like anything to you, it’s your bag. You can even name it if you’d like.

Once you are finished, blow the candle out and figure out how you intend to carry your medicine bag. It is best if you can keep it on your person at all times. Don’t let anyone else touch your bag. If it feels right to you, sleep with your bag near your bed. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with the shadow work bag near your bed.

Finally, meditate with your bag once a day for the first seven days, then once a week thereafter. This can be as short as five minutes or as long as an hour. Meditate for however long you feel is needed to help keep you connected with your bag. When you meditate, try and hold the bags intention in mind and let any healing wash over you. Also, let the bag talk to you, and talk to it. Remember, your work and relationship with your bag is ongoing, it can evolve and change just like any other relationship.

Let your bag sit out under the full moon when it comes around, this will keep its energy alive and blessed. If you’d like to give it a little extra boost over the course of the month, collect some full moon water** and sprinkle it on your bag whenever it feels right. When you sprinkle the water, keep the bags intention in mind while also blessing and loving the bag.

*Please note that these ‘instructions’ are more a gentle guide as to how you might consider working with your medicine bag. If your instincts tell you to work with your bag another way – definitely follow your gut. This is your medicine bag after all and it will be working with you and your magick.

** A short guide to moon water. Place a silver bowl full of water out under the full moon (and the night either side, if you’d like) keeping in mind the sign the moon is in (we just had a Libra full moon) and your own intentions. Bring the bowl of water in before sunrise, refrigerate it and date it. Use it like you would any holy water or oil. Even if the sky is clouded over, the water will still absorb the energy of the moon. Try to use filtered or spring water if you can.

*** LEGAL DISCLAIMER (Required fine print.)

You must be over 18 years old to buy a medicine bag.
By law I am required to state that all medicine bags are for entertainment purposes ONLY.
Medicine bags must not be substituted for professional, legal and/or medical advice and treatment. This hereby excludes liability for damage due to improper use. Small parts are included, please keep away from children and animals.
No Guarantees are offered. These medicine bags work alongside your energy and for your best interest, outcomes can vary according to changes in your energy, the relationship between you and your bag, and what is for the highest good.If an item is damaged in shipment it will either be covered by insurance or I will send you a replacement. 🙂


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Muse Medicine
Owl Medicine
Raven Medicine
Fox Medicine
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Inspiration medicine for artists.
Medicine for love and abundance
Medicine for psychic development
Medicine for shadow work



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