Daily Tarot Card Reading: 23rd April 2017

Today’s reading was particularly fascinating. All court cards. All different suits. My clinical training means that I can’t resist looking at this spread and seeing the ID (Daughter of Cups), Ego (Mother of Pentacles) and Super Ego (Father of Swords.)

The Daughter of Cups brings a message of love, spirituality, beauty, creativity and emotional connection. It might be new project, romance, a deepening of you psychic and intuitive skills, a period of social bliss, or aesthetic flow. Your inner child will be drawn to this feeling and these new opportunities. You may even feel so excited that you want to try and take up every new idea. Emotions will be running high and you will find that your dreams are more frequent and intense. Embrace these new feelings of wonderment and freedom. Your heart has unfiltered access to the truth at this moment in time. The Page may also bring you news of family and travel matters e.g., pregnancies or trips overseas. It is a fertile time.

The Mother of Pentacles will either come to you as a person, or will emerge as a part of you ready to take care of you and ground you at this emotional time. While it is important to dream and create, it is also important to make sure you take care of yourself and your resources.

Finally, the Father of Swords appears, probably as person who will enter your life and remind you that there are times it is important to step back, be objective, research, consider the long ranging consequences. He is a good but stern advisor. He knows the rules and the system. However be careful not to let his presence, which can be overbearing, crush the excitement and creativity that comes with The Daughter of Cups.

In short, it seems there are three very distinct energies effecting people at the moment: the wonderment of the ID, the love and care of the The Mother of Pentacles, and the knowledge and objectivity of The Father of Swords. As these influences can come from the outside or the inside, just be mindful to hold on to YOU. You can listen, consider and even be excited by the influence of these people/aspects, but you can do that without losing sight of your purpose and wants. It can be hard, that is why it is important to keep exploring and learning about yourself so when these strong messages and influences come to you, you can work with them in a way that doesn’t compromise you.

Finally, note here that there is no fire. Be careful of your energy levels at this time. Don’t wear yourself down. Know what fills you full of passion and what fuels your soul and feed it.

You’ve got this. Whether you walk the path of the witch, the path of the skeptic, the path of the scientist, the path of the atheist, the path of YOU, you’ve got this. Understanding yourself and knowing yourself so you can work happily and deeply with other people is an important skill and one you can always improve upon. There is no such thing as failure, only learning. Have fun and walk in love.

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