Mediumship : Walking between worlds.

I don’t often do mediumship in my readings. Is it because I believe mediumship is wrong? No. Is it because I believe we shouldn’t disturb the dead? No. The dead only turn up if and when they want to. Mediumship is the equivalent of knocking on a door. The person on the other-side doesn’t have to answer. Is it because I think that by opening a door to the spirit-world that there is a greater risk than working with tarot cards or spells? No. Unwanted energy can rock up at any time. It is part of my responsibility to know how to handle those energies to keep you safe. Is because I have to give my whole body over to another entity? No, and hell no because I don’t work like that. In my experience I can be in full control of myself and still remain open enough to work as a powerful medium. (Waits for the angry tweets from the traditional mediums. Live and let live.) Also, my body has to be healthy enough to work with whatever energy comes. It doesn’t matter what I am doing – tarot, healings, mediumship, I have to be emotionally, physically and emotionally prepared for anything. You can’t predict what will come up in a session.

I actually really enjoy working with all kinds of energies, the dead included. I used to be terrified of ghosts and spirits, but now I find great comfort in working with them. A lot of my poetry is what is referred to as ‘automatic writing’. However, the main reason I don’t often work in the field of mediumship, at least in a professional capacity, is because I like to know the client requesting mediumship. This is because most often when I have worked as a medium, grief is a huge component of their motivation for seeking me out. On occasion, connection with the dead can help the grieving process, but I have also seen a lot of grieving clients who are hurting and are even damaged due to poorly handled mediumship readings. Because my priority is caring for my clients and helping them move forward in their life, or find what comfort they can where they are, I am wary of using mediumship in the context of acute grief, I have seen the harmful results of too many mishandled sessions. That’s not to say I think I handle mediumship badly, I try my best in every professional session I provide. I try to maintain healthy ethics, good boundaries, warm compassion, and clear precises connection. But grief is a funny thing and everyone responds to mediumship differently. So, I like to know a client well before delving into this area of work.

Is this decision informed by training as a psychologist? Hell yes. I am no longer a psychologist but that doesn’t stop me learning about the discipline and using this knowledge to inform decisions about my role as a witch in an effort to care for my clients and myself. After all, witch literally means wise-woman.

Another reason a lot of people won’t work as mediums is because of skeptics. It’s not uncommon to have skeptics come under the guise of a clients seeking mediumship. However, it is my belief that if I can’t welcome skeptics with open arms, just as I would with any other client, I shouldn’t be working in this field. An important part of any profession whether it is as a psychologist, author, photographer or witch, is being open to criticism and rigorous examination. This is what challenges me to keep training and getting better. My skeptics are just as important to me as any other client.

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