Daily Tarot Reading 29th of April 2017 There are no shortcuts through the shadows.

Today’s tarot card is the Seven of Swords. This card has come up a lot this week and it has had me thinking about Samhain, the dark, and temptation.

We see here that the raven is trying to steal what looks like an emerald from the white snake. But the white snake has spotted the raven – unbeknownst to the raven.

The Seven of Swords is associated with trying to steal and sneak away with things that don’t belong to you. These things may be physical or more ephemeral like reputations, energy, or love. The raven seems confident and focused only on his goal, and thus completely unaware of the looming threat the white snake poses. The raven will be found out. Luckily, in most cases, the white snake represents new beginnings. There will be a loss of face, pride and many apologies to make and healing to do, but learning that stealing, trickery and cunning, when used for selfish ends are ultimately only going to result in loss and upset, is a powerful lesson that once you grow through will make you a stronger and wiser person. Trying to build any kind of happiness or future on a premise of lies will never last. This is because at the root of lies and trickery is fear.

You don’t have to be governed by fear. Release it. Be free. Be wild. You’ve got this. The universe is with you. I promise.

Once you have learned this lesson, it will open your eyes to any trickery or cunning being used against you at this time. In the case of lying and manipulation, it is not uncommon for like to attract like.

Some people use lies and manipulation as a way of distancing themselves from the people they are close to because they are afraid of rejection. It can also be a means of self-sabotage if you are afraid of success.

Coming into the darker months, it is important to understand that there are no shortcuts. There will be hard times, and there will be times that you have to work hard to be your own light as you travel through the shadows. If you are struggling, sometimes the best you can do is work to sooth yourself and wait it out. Or, you can take the opportunity to explore your shadow-self and the darkness further. It is your choice. But there is no skipping this part of the journey, and if you want to grow, there is no moving forward until you have addressed all aspects of yourself. Don’t be afraid to seek support and help, but if you are hoping to manipulate and trick your way through this period of the year, the person you will hurt yourself most is yourself.

In order to be reborn, we first need to die. Don’t be afraid, look at what needs to be let go of, release it with love and move on. The universe is there to support you. You can do this. You don’t need to cheat. The darkness is not out to get you or hurt you, it is an important part of growing. Don’t cheat yourself out of a magickal (albeit it challenging) time that can offer so many rewards when you see it for what it is. This is especially true for artists who may be looking for a new direction or seeking to clear creative blocks – now is the time to cleanse what has been so something new can come.

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