Samhain: Letting go of fear and building love. A personal journey.

I’ve never attempted sculpting before. The above is my first try. I am pretty happy with it. The eyes could have been bigger and the antlers aren’t as even as I would like. But it was still a fantastic way to spent Samhain. I was alone, listing to music, surrounded by candles, incense, and pets, meditating on life and love as I made this art.

I didn’t have a very pleasant upbringing. Despite becoming a Doctor of Psychology and a Master of Creative Writing, it was never enough for my parents. But that is okay, I could only sustain that kind of work and focus for myself. From the moment I could talk all I wanted to be was an artist. As I got older, a psychologist became a close second. But any time I raised the idea of being an artist I was promptly told I wasn’t good enough to be anything let alone an artist. My mother was a very famous artist so I always assumed she knew what she was talking about. (Let that be a lesson in not making assumptions!) My heart had always been drawn to writing, sculpting, and photography. I have always written – you can’t take away a person’s words (such is the beauty of poetry!) I became a photographer because that way I could photograph my mother’s art for her. I never attempted sculpture.

Samhain was about letting go of these heavily embedded beliefs that I couldn’t be an artist and bringing in open ended possibilities of what I could do in what time I have left before I die, starting with sculpture.

This little guy came to me in a dream a while back, but I knew I had to wait for Samhain to create him. He is part owl and part stag and all magick. He has a heart-shaped emerald as his third eye; seeing and speaking with the wisdom of the night-forest.

I loved the process of making him. My hands sank into the clay like they were making love to it, and proceeded to make love to, and worship the clay all day. I will be making more of these Magick Medicine Beings over the coming months and will list them on Etsy. Once I get better, I will take commissions but not before I feel like I am at a standard that can combine beauty and magick to a professional standard.

I hope you all had a blessed Samhain, and remember – let go of anything that holds you back from being you. Life is too short.

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