Daily Tarot Card 3/5/2017

Strength by Zen-Master on Deviant Art
å Strength by Zen-Master on Deviant Art

Are you fighting? Are you fighting to stay strong and live the life you ‘should’ be living? Are your dreams troubled? Do you wake tired? Fists sore from gripping shields and arrows that you hold aloft to wage the war that is tearing your mind and heart apart? Do your teeth gnash, the beast inside you hungry for righteous blood?

Are you exhausted and aching from your bones inside out?

Are you trying to be the better person? Extend all your compassion and understanding yet feel your own heart breaking? Being torn asunder from the cradle of your chest?

Is your heart swollen and hurting, crushing the flame of your soul-light?

That is because while you were busy trying to be so many different things to so many people, and be that better you, you distracted yourself from the most basic and fundamental truth: you are all these things and more.

Human instincts can be to fight or flight, unite or divide. But at our core, we are wild and we are love. Language can make it seem like these two aspects of ourselves are divided and thus, can only be used one at a time. That is a fallacy.

Forget what society taught you. Forget what you think you should be. Stop, breathe, close your eyes and touch the soul of you and find the love that stems from your wildness and the wildness that stems from your love. You are both the maiden and the lion. There is no war, outside or within. Your maiden and lion’s natural instinct is to work together: love and wildness coming together to express the strength and beauty of soul that live with in you.

You are strong. You don’t need to ‘be’ strong. Do what you need to do, walk in beauty and grace. You have the stamina, support and spirit to get through these hard times. As soon as you stop struggling, the world will stop struggling around you and a path will become clear.

Let your heart guide you. Let your wildness free you. Let your soul be. And over time, challenges will become solutions because you are the power you are looking for.


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