Scorpio Full Moon Tarot: You are worth your wildness.

Today’s full moon reading was perhaps unsurprising given the power of the Scorpio full moon. Full Moons are the moon at full power and are perfect for just about any kind of magick but are typically associated with illumination, divination, expansion, attraction, connecting with the divine, wildness, power and psychic skills.

As you might imagine, the Scorpio full moon is even more powerful in some respects. Scorpio is related to many of the same elements: powerful, wildness, intelligence, sensuality, psychic ability, secret knowledge, spiritual wisdom, great mysteries, emotional depth, heightened creativity, transformation, fearless in the face of shadows, magnetism, focus to the point of obsession, passion, elusive, and a force of nature.

When you combine these two, it leads a potent full moon, ripe for magick and deep workings, especially around the theme of transformation and personal power. With the moon as your light and Scorpio as your guide, be confident as you sink into your night and become intimate with your shadows, merging and transforming allowing you to blossom into your full wildness and power.

Scorpio Full Moon Tarot Spread Weaver Tarot Using Starchild Tarot
Scorpio Full Moon Tarot Spread Weaver Tarot Using Starchild Tarot

The cards that came out for today’s Scorpio full moon reading were The Moon, The Devil and Temperance. This reading is as complex as it is simple, and that is where its power lays. Trust your intuition as you journey into the dark. Let go of the destination, let go of the journey, let go of everything except yourself and your wild. You are about to come face to face with the truths of you – your shadows, temptations, fears, and restraints. The choice is yours whether you use the power of this moon to reclaim those parts of yourself and find balance and mastery over yourself, or not. Don’t be afraid to change, to die, to transform and to be reborn. All things must move onward through time to exist here, don’t let your demons stunt you and your power. You are worth your wildness.


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