Gemini Dark Moon: The Empress, the darkness and the artist of you.

The Empress has been a powerful and potent force this week. She has come up in just about every reading I have pulled this week. As such, it is not surprising that she came up today under the velvet dark of the Gemini Dark Moon.

The Empress and Gemini Dark Moon might seem like they should be opposites with contradicting energies. Normally the gregariousness and fertility of Gemini aligns quite naturally with The Empress. However, on this the Dark Moon of Gemini, the energies are in a spin. But while the world races and throws up all kinds of provocative challenges, now is not the time to act or speak despite the natural inclination of Gemini energy to be outgoing. You will need all of your energy to keep yourself centered and focused on inner revelations that are coming to light. You won’t be able to dodge these revelations as they are really packing a hell of a punch. But while these revelations blow apart what you knew of yourself, being stripped back to your bones lets you rebuild your life and yourself so that you are in greater harmony with your soul’s beat. As painful as it might be at the moment, seeing the truth of your soul and being given the chance to embrace our wildness and build them into our destiny is a blessing. Become the artist of you.

It is likely that you will be feeling things such as powerlessness, confusion, fear, and sadness… Sadness as you let go of the plans you had, sadness as you realize anger is not the way forward, sadness as you tell your old friend ‘ego’: “Reaction and defense is not the way. I need to open myself to these pains and truths if I am to grow and become wise in the way spirit intended.” Tears will run in rivers. Let them wash you clean of your doubts.

Here steps forward the Empress with her bare-feet and tender hands, reaching for you in that dark. She sees your courage – even in this place of not moving and not speaking, she sees the truth of you. The Empress didn’t become the soul mother and nurturer without walking many a path of pain before. She knows what it is to struggle in silence while looking into the abyss of the self. She knows what it is to await the perfect timing. She knows what it is to be confused and afraid while still having the courage to be true to yourself.

Just because it is a time of shadows and stillness does not mean it is not a fertile time. It may not feel like it but you are learning so much about yourself and your place in the world right now and that will come to the fore in the very near future as you start walking towards a new, bright destiny. The Empress’ gentle caress at this time may come as a brush of wind through the grass, a rattle of leaves, the rub of a silken cat tail along the back of your calf, or the flow of hot honey tea over your lips. It could even be the gentle slide of a loved one’s hand into yours. With these sensual everyday touches, the Empress is beseeching you to remember that even as you journey into these jagged depth of your shadow self to find your truth, and even as you spin through the wild dark winds of the sky, that you can always find time to care for yourself. You too are a great mother to you, to your inner soul child, and to your shadow self.

Ask yourself: what do you need to feel loved right now? The Universal Mother Energy is there to support you in this time of change and upheaval. Don’t forget to reach for her as she reaches for you.

You are never truly alone, even if the work you need to do is lonely.

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