The Moon and the Muse: How the moon guides the artist even in the darkest times.

Today’s card is the Moon. The Moon has a very particular relationship with the muse. The core message being:


“It’s okay. Let go. It’s okay. I need this chaos to thrive. Trust me. Trust the darkness and her gifts.”


While you may be feeling anxious or unsure, unable to see a clear path forwards, that doesn’t mean the way isn’t unfolding. Quite often the muse doesn’t respond to logic, it responds to the language of dreams, wildness and instinct. The idea of surrendering completely to instinct and the nature of the wild self can be downright scary for some. We all just want something to hold on to, to give us hope that things will be okay.


Things will be okay.


But you need to trust, to let the Moon do her work and guide you through waters that may seem strange and at times terrifying. Hand your fear over to the muse. The muse is no stranger to fear and often feeds on it, lifting it from your shoulders and transforming it into something beautiful. Not everything that feeds our muse is pretty, and nor should it be. Whether you are a writer or a painter, you know that a lot of the artistic process is about deleting and destroying just as much as it is about creating and building up. The muse is no different. Your journey with the muse is no different.


So while you may feel a little crazy or out of control – go with it, tap in to your wild and let go of your fear. In time, the Moon will either guide you to a new shore or provide you with dreams and visions that help you navigate to the next step in your journey.


It is important at this time to strengthen your practices of self care and self awareness and brace for an emotional rollercoaster, but remember: art is not birthed from safety. Let go. Be free. Trust the dark. Be wild. Run with the Moon and know it will be okay… in time.

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