Tarot. The Knight, the Muse, and you: How to fall in love and still say no.

Today’s card is the Knight of Cups. This energy often represents the connection between your conscious mind and your muse. You may already be feeling the trembling of the oncoming storm of emotion. Maybe your dreams have become more intense. Maybe you have found your thoughts have begun to wander in to new and fantastical places. Today will see that surge of emotion and imagination come to crest and break – for better or worse.


This Knight with his cup full of fresh inspiration from your muse will charge in on a wave of feeling however, this feeling can be one of profound joy or profound sadness. Muses are not one-note beings. They need a bevy of shades to work with from light to dark. And that is okay. Whatever the Knight brings to you today, it will feel like you are falling in love. The ideas and feelings are so familiar and so right, it will feel like a sort of homecoming. Your first instinct will be to grab these new ideas with both hands and run with them, after all, the muse is quite a seductive beast at times.


But remember this: you are the artist and you have choice. It’s wonderful to receive messages and energy like this from the muse. But given that it is the Knight of Cups, it can lead to so choppy emotional waters. It can also demand a lot of energy from you, as well as supplying a lot of energy. So, let the feelings rise, let the ideas tumble forth, let inspiration strike and know you are at one with your muse… then stop. Check in with yourself and ask yourself, is the timing right for me now? If it is, great. The Knight’s energy and the muse’s love will give you more than enough to go on to create some truly magical art. But if it is not the right time? And even if it feels like you are turning down a chance at true love? It is okay to say no and set the ideas aside for another time.


Your relationship with your muse is just that, a relationship. The muse is always there and while it might feel like the connection waxes and wanes, the more you work on your relationship with your muse, the less you will feel like you are at its mercy.


Many people sit around waiting for inspiration to strike – just like the Knight of Cups here – and that is fine, but there are other ways of working with the muse. And the more you understand your muse, your relationship and how it works best for you both, the less you’ll feel powerless when dealing with the muse.


Yes, powerless. Many people feel like the muse has all the power and they have to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike like it has today in the Knight of Cups and can feel terribly guilty and afraid when they don’t answer the call. Just know, it doesn’t have to be that way.


In short, the muse is sending you seductive and powerful wave of energy and inspiration, whether you choose to surf it is up to you. Before art, before the muse, you are the most important person in this cycle of creation. Loving yourself is loving your muse. Muses love strong willpower in their partner because it is that self confidence that also helps keep the muse safe and fed, but more on that in another post.

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