The devil and the deep blue sea: The muse, Sedna and your right to rage.

Sedna Cancer New Moon Tarot Spread for the Muse and Artist


It is perhaps unsurprising that under this Cancerian new moon energy that the Goddess seeking connection is Sedna. Her name holds many meanings: Deep Mother, Mother of the Sea, Keeper of the Dead and Greatest Agony of the Deep.


Sedna is a Goddess I work very closely with. She is a Inuit Goddess known as Mother of the Sea and Keeper of the Dead. Her tale is based in strength, love, betrayal, loss and homecoming. There are various versions of her tale, the most common has her become infatuated with a shadowy bird magician. He promised her a fairy-tale but delivered her to hell, treating her badly and near starving her to death. Sedna begged her father to rescue her. When her father stole her away from the bird-magician, the bird-magician threw a fit of rage and pummeled their boat with giant waves. To save himself, Sedna’s father threw her overboard. When she clung to the boat, he cut off her fingers. While her severed fingers went on to become the mammals of the sea, the blow to her head from her father’s axe is what sent her to the sea bed where she became Mother of the Sea and became the ruler of Adlivun – the Inuit underworld.


When the sea becomes angry or fails to yield enough for the Inuit to hunt and feed on, Shaman’s will travel into the sea to tend to Sedna. They will comb her hair, massage her fingers and hold her close until she is appeased and the sea quiets and yields again.


Her message is a powerful one. Sedna refused to fulfil societies expectations and refused to be blinded by societies blinkers. She was strong and at times, full of rage even before the trauma came to be. However, she DID let her heart blind her intuition. Being strong does not mean you don’t make mistakes at times. When her father betrayed her trust and killed her, it was her rage that transformed her from victim to Goddess. She is quite the model for the transformational and positive powers of rage in the face of trauma.


Rebirthed in the oceans womb, Sedna still carries wounds and fickleness, but by in large she has forgiven those who have wronged her and allow the sea mammals to roam freely thus providing the Inuit with food. However, there are times that just like any other being, she needs tending too in her home of cold, death and isolation. That is where the Shaman needs to be brave enough to face Sedna’s rage and see past the Goddess’ wrath to see the woman who just needs a stroke of tenderness to keep going. Yes, even the Queen of the deep, the sea’s great agony, the ruler of the dead, cold and the sea needs love.


So the fact she was at the heart of this Cancerian’s New Moon tarot reading is potent.


The first card to come out was Four of Cups – boredom and malaise. Creative opportunities are being offered to you and the Muse is trying to connect, but you either can’t or won’t see them. Much like Sedna refused to see the many opportunities for love that were presented to her before the bird-magician stuck his claws in her and tricked her. You have inner work to do. Perhaps an old wound has opened, or a part of you and your journey that you considered dead has risen and is in need of attention. It is important that you look at what is causing this boredom so you can find inspiration in the waters that are flowing at the moment, instead of feeling like you are drowning.


The two of swords indicates that there is a decision to be made but you are either avoiding it or feel like you don’t have all the information – that is because your intuition is blocked. And it’s quite possibly blocked by a shadow energy in your life, The Devil.


To be clear, this shadow energy is NOT your shadow. It is the dark energy KEEPING you from talking to and tending to your shadow self. The Devil energy is distracting you with immediate gratification, lust, laziness, a sense of hopelessness and potentially fear. It may even be tricking you into think you are communicating with your shadow when in fact it is just manipulating you to feed off your creative, vital and muse energies.


I am not prone to conspiracy or fear mongering but there are quite a few vampires doing the rounds at the moment. Energy vampires love a Cancerian moon because emotions and thus fear can run freely.


Cut through and banish this Devil energy, whether it be external or internal trickery. Cut the cords. Smudge. Take a salt bath. Walk by the ocean… Whatever you need to get back to you.


I don’t often advocate anger but all emotions have their place and if there is someone or something that is draining you and blocking your creativity YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE ANGRY AND RAGE AND RECLAIM YOUR RIGHT TO BE YOU. Do not be afraid of anger. It is a tool, use it wisely like Sedna did and you will find a strength the world often tells people that they have no right to.


We can see that under the Devil card Mother Death is waiting. Your inner Sedna is calling to you, asking you to tend to your wounds and to those parts of you that are cold and hurting. The places that are calling to you may feel scary but you are not alone and you are safe. Tread lightly and with a compassionate heart and your wounds, your dead, your inner Sedna, your underworld will gift you with fuel for your muse, your art and your soul.


Sedna also comes with the gift of shape shifting so you will be able to better elude the devil in future.


If you are brave enough to make this journey at this time you will return from the depths of your agony victorious. The outcome of this spread is Queen of Cups. You will overflow with love, healing and creativity… And at the heart of it will be a little spark of righteous rage that at any given moment you can blow up and send those Devils back to where they belong.


Be brave. You are more than your wounds. You are greater than any devil you encounter. But there are simply some journeys that must be walked, no matter how scary  if you wish to transform. You are loved. You are safe. You have the right to rage.


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