Tarot reading in preparation for Thunder Moon: Swallow the Sun.

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Thunder Moon Preparation Tarot Spread

Energy is building as we race towards this full moon. Full moon in Capricorn – also known as Buck Moon and Thunder Moon, is all about action, change and grounding these things through determination and pure will. Your personal power will be at its height and it is time to let go of anything you no longer need.


However, this Full Moon comes with significant challenges and tensions. The shadow, the dark side of the moon is ready to engulf the light. The Moon will be opposed Sun. Pluto and Mars will also have significant influences. In short, energy upon energy upon agitation for change.


Today’s spread is preparation for the upcoming full moon. It talks to how you can prepare for this weekend so that the brewing energy can be channeled into something productive and not needlessly destructive.


Take the time to look at what energy is building in you. What is your attention being drawn towards? Where is your anger? Where is your frustration? What keeps haunting your thoughts. All of this is just the inner tension between your inner darkness, healthy shadow (your Yin) and outer light, healthy ego (Yang.) The challenges and subsequent answers that will come from solving, or at least working with this tension will lead to wonderful new awakenings and possibilities in your life, if you can resist the urge to act rashly and project your energy and agitation in the wrong direction. This coming full moon offers you the chance to plant a new seed of energy for a new goal leading to a new you.


The muse is excited. Honour it by honouring yourself and not giving into fear.


The two cards today are The Sun and The Hermit.


The sun is all about your light, your soul, logic, Yang, reason, joy, clarity and the self-realized.


But rather than shine… now is the time to do the opposite.


Take that sun energy INSIDE and use it to start lighting an inner and urgent journey towards your own wisdom and soul-knowing. There is something urgent your soul wants you to know before this weekend explodes with the vibrations of the full moon. The moon might offer chaos, but if you can use the light of your sun to expose your inner knowing, you will harness this chaos with ease.


A new journey, a new path, a new way of being is calling you. Listen.


By being ultra-aware of how this energy is brewing inside you and where your attention lays, you can use this lovely well of energy to your benefit, and to the benefit of those around you. This will also help stop relationships exploding and opportunities being missed.


You can also use this weekend’s energy to benefit your muse – the hermit being the muse’s calling card.


Feel the energy. Know the energy. Take the light within. Breathe. Pace. Observe. Listen to your soul and muse and be ready for this full moon.


The earth is ripe. The energy is wealthy. The path is calling. Be ready. Be wise. Act with love. Know your power.


Take the sun inside in preparation for full moon. Use it to light up your inner wisdom.


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