Horned Woman Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread For Personal Power

This full Moon in Capricorn is set to be intense. Not only is this full Moon in opposition to the Sun but both Mars and Pluto have big influences on the energies, too. There will be a lot of focus on change, ambition, healthy ego, getting out of your own way, relationship challenges and, of course, personal power.

The horned woman is an energy that I have worked with for a long time and when this Capricorn full Moon came up she demanded to be heard and offer her gifts to the world. There are plenty of representations of the horned woman: Hathor, Maenads, various African Goddesses, Priestess and Pan. Yes, Pan has at times been depicted as female. However, while there are plenty of visual representations of the horned woman she is rarely discussed.

When I tapped into her for this months full Moon reading she gifted me a spread that was about understanding your personal power in order to develop a healthy relationship with your power and thus a healthy relationship with your ego so you can not only build the life you want, but also weather any mindless criticism or insult from others while continuing on your destined path, and finally bring your gifts to the world without depleting your own energy.

The full moon will occur at 9th of July at 2.06pm. This will be the optimal time to perform this spread.

Weaver Tarot Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread
Weaver Tarot Horned Woman Tarot Spread
L. Winram
L. Winram

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