Free Tarot Reading. The Horned Woman Capricorn Full Moon: Your Power is to be Magick

Weaver Tarot: Capricorn Full Moon Horned Woman Tarot Spread
Weaver Tarot: Capricorn Full Moon Horned Woman Tarot Spread

1. Moon.

Stay open minded. You probably have certain goals in mind at the moment and strong ideas of who you want to be and how you are going to get there, and that is great. But don’t limit yourself and any potential opportunities available to you. While you may be craving certainty and security, if you can brave the darkness of the unknown and release some of your need to control you will find ancient wisdoms in hidden in your fear. Regardless as to whether you can let your guard down or not, you are more psychic than usual at the moment. The universe is speaking to you through your dreams and intuition. Listen and trust that even chaos can serve to enhance your personal power.

2. Two of Swords.

Stop trying to be right. There is no right choice. Drop it. Just let it go. Perfectionism does far more harm than good. Choices need to be made, so make them. Trust your gut – as we’ve already seen you are more intuitive than usual at the moment. So do it. Stop letting indecisiveness hold you back, no matter which path you choose trust in yourself that you can cope. It is in your power to succeed no matter which path you choose. So stop making excuses and move.

3. Nine of wands.

You are powerful, but you are tired. You know you can go the distance and succeed. You know you have the power and people see that in you, but everything feels like it is a strain. You are also afraid other people are out to steal your power and therefore you feel like you have to do everything on your own. This is a lie. People may drain you, but they can’t take your personal power. Start trusting your gut and develop a community with who you can share your burdens. Stop. Being. Afraid.

4. Strength.

Your full power is the combination of spiritual and animal, wise and wild, celestial and earthly. When you trust and sit in your full power, when you trust your full power, that power is profound, balanced and compassionate. You know when you apply brute force, and you know when to tend with love. You have the capacity to be ferocious and have unstoppable and unlimited power, but you rarely see the need to unleash it. Your power comes from higher perspective and understanding. You have mastered yourself and can act from a balanced place of wise wildness.

5. High Priestess.

In your full power, you are magick. Let go. Trust. Love. Be magick.

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