Daily Weaver Tarot 14th July: The shaman spread. Free yourself from yourself.

Combined Tarot Spreads

You are the Shaman of your life, you control the light, the dark, the balance… Don’t let others take that control from you. Other people, other energies, other yous…. Yes, other yous.


All the should and ideals that live in your head are blocking you. They feed your fears. They block you from doing your shadow work and harnessing your shadows to enrich and empower your life.


Let go.


Listen to your most primal instincts and your ancient knowings. You know what I am talking about – the truths you feel but don’t want to know because they will force you to act, to walk away from the banal and the traditional. Face the terror of the primal Sphinx that lives within you, sit with her riddles, shift through her forms, and let yourself be extravagant and wild and delve into that which you have been afraid of.


Love your fears.


Own your fears.


Give them a home in your chest and watch them grow into something unimaginably beautiful, while feeling yourself grow beyond the limits you placed on yourself.


By sitting in the dark you will find you are shining your brightest. By practicing this shamanic state, you will grow strong, strong enough to face ANY negative force that enters your life with confidence and love.

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