Fox Tarot Spread: Guide to joy

Fox Tarot Spread
Fox Tarot Spread

What have to done to fill the well? You might not like it, but securing your energy is on you. Some people will gift you energy, some people will take. It is just the way of the world. But securing your energy is down to you. So what have you done? Have you looked at the ways you give away your energy? Have you looked at the ways you rely on others for energy? Have you looked towards yourself and the universe and asked: what is my relationship to energy? Or have to been to scared to look at all and just forged ahead hoping for the best? Relying on the old adage that the universe always balances out?

If you truly want to secure your energy, your fulfillment, your love, happiness and creativity to a point where you feel confident in yourself and trusting in the Universe, you have to do the work. It is time to look at your relationship to energy, happiness and inspiration and look at where it comes from – for you. The source of energy is different for everyone. Everyone has their own spirit guide to joy, their inner fool, their inner fox… Who is yours? Have you met them yet? Have you asked them what they need to feel secure in the world? Once you know this you can work towards a healthier relationship with energy.

Energy is eternal. But so is change. Don’t get complacent. Own it. Live it.

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