Leo New Moon: Wild Compassion Tarot Spread

Wild compassion is the art of fully loving yourself and others whilst being fully connected to yourself and nature. Wild compassion is limitless and fierce. It is a combination of body, heart and soul. It stems from and returns to nature thus, not draining. As you give wild compassion to others, you also give it to yourself. Wild compassion is akin to the Strength tarot card – a combination of spirit and wild. Our spirit can tame or release the wild because it loves and understands the wild just as it is – no judgment. Why judge a lion for being a lion? It is wasted energy. But understanding, love, and compassion are never wasted. Wild compassion is an innate strength we are all born with: an ability to love from the very center of our being.

However, Wild compassion is as powerful and healing as it is confronting and scary. Maybe you don’t feel capable of wild compassion, or worthy of it. Perhaps the idea of being so wild in your love and connecting that to your instincts and primal nature scares you. Maybe it scares you because like with everything, there are wounds and/or vulnerabilities in our wild compassionate natures. Or perhaps you have been taught the body and spirit are separate and therefore, the body is a shameful thing and not to be connected to so wildly or even so lovingly. Even if… Even IF the body is merely a vehicle for the soul, doesn’t that mean it is innately connected to and supporting the soul? That it’s role is pivotal in keeping your soul moving and deserved of love, too?

There is a place for the body, the soul, the heart, the wild, and the compassionate. So, where is your wild compassion? What are its strengths and vulnerabilities? Using the power of this Leo new moon on the 23rd of July 2017 how can you start nurturing your wild compassionate nature, and what area of your life could use more wild compassion?

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