Wild Compassion Weaver Tarot Spread: Let your darkness shine.

Wild Compassion Weaver Tarot

What are you afraid of? Really afraid of? What is it that you can’t look at? What is it the haunts the corner of your dreams? That is your wild compassion. That is the darkness in you that needs the love. By facing these fears you will find the ripest root of your wild compassion.

The strength of your wild compassion is your ability to create. In your love lives the ability to manifest anything and everything, even loving light to warm the cold byways of your fears.

But who, what is your vulnerability? Is it the ‘sucessful and ambitious’ image of yourself that you need to uphold? Or is it your nemesis, jealousy? Is there someone, a certain people that raise your ire because you want to be like them, instead of loving your own brilliance? Is envy easier than shadowwork?

It is time to fall madly in love with that side of yourself that is all about action, grounding and doing. There is no more room for fear of failure, success or whatever other people think. DO and enjoy the process.

From this grounded place of wild compassion you will come to love the process of chaos you now find yourself in. You will see the breakages as lines of light, the grief and relief and in that state, you will come to embrace the unknown and find what you have always been looking for: trust.

2 Comments on “Wild Compassion Weaver Tarot Spread: Let your darkness shine.

    is Brillant!!

    Thank you Cat for sharing this wonderful piece exploring the many sides of our mind and how we think of ourselves.
    It resonants with me as I learn from an amazing mentor (I will print out and keep it with my inspirational/meditation materials).
    Have a good day!

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