Switch off and switch on. The relationship between social media and the witch.

I am slowly returning from my impromptu social media hiatus. For those of you who don’t know I live with health issues, a brain tumor to be precise. As such, self-care is a priority at all times. So is the knowledge that I can step away from the internet and social media at any time.

In an era that seems to revolve around likes, favorites, notifications, and follower counts, it is important to know you can disengage from this ‘digital race to nowhere’… and realize that the world won’t collapse if you don’t log in for a few days. This knowledge became more pertinent for me over the last few weeks as during this time I started working with a number of clients who are dealing with addictions.

I’m rarely so sick that I have to stop work, but taking periodic breaks from the internet is key to preserving my health and the strength of my magick. Working as a cyber-witch can attract a lot of hungry energies. This is not unusual. A lot of people only seek out witches in times of urgency, upset, and need. It is my charge to welcome every client with the upmost care and compassion… and wisdom. Wisdom includes healthy boundaries and clear-headedess. My self-care is also an act of caring for my clients. I can’t talk about healthy boundaries if I don’t enforce them myself.

Self-care probably should be a priority most of the time for everyone. When you are caring for yourself you are less likely to operate from a place of lack and anger. It is also easier to empathize and think logically when you are feeling balanced and supported. Not to mention magick flows a lot easier.

On average I do several tarot readings a day and a few mojo workings through the week. I am also a full time writer and emerging sculptress/medicine doll-maker. Social media is not a high importance in my line of work. It is lovely to connect with clients, other witches and friends, but it is not a priority. While this may be seen as foolhardy in the eyes of business promotion, some things are more important than money.

We know excessive screen time and sitting isn’t healthy. We know that the internet and many of the social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook actually leave us feeling worse after we have been on them (even if they are pleasantly distracting at the time.) The internet can become an addiction. Even the average user reports lower levels of self-esteem and happiness after being online. This is because many of the social media apps are designed to make us competitive with others. That is the emotional buy in – envy. Not a very healthy energy to be around on a daily basis. Unplugging helps short-circuit emotional dependence developing.

The Internet can be amazing and wonderful, it can also be very draining in and of itself. It is a super-highway of information and people. For an introvert like me, this level and speed of data can be overwhelming, even in the digital form. I can feel a physical wave of relief wash over me when I switch off for the day.

Taking a break from social media, whether forced or not is an important act of self-care.

Whether I am here posting daily or taking a social media break, my Etsy store is always open and functioning. Magick and art don’t stop even if the notifications do.

When was the last time you switched off? How does the internet impact your personal magick, for good and for bad?


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