Daily Tarot 14th August 2017: Shape up your magick and love.

Mary-El Tarot Spread
Mary-El Tarot Spread

How do you use your magick to overcome conflict? How do you use your magick to make the hard decisions and take the actions needed to ensure that everyone is cared for?

Do you use your innate ability to draw down the moon and the stars to illuminate the ancient, forgotten, and future mysteries? Do you brew magick in your womb? Do you birth it and share it freely? Do you trust the dark?

Do you trust that every conflict is another chance for you to learn more about yourself, others, and your place in the world? To reaffirm your place in the world? Do you trust conflict to gift you with the opportunity to extend your creative thinking and find new paths forward? Do you trust conflict is a normal part of growth? Do you trust yourself to get through any conflict that comes your way? Do you trust conflict to shape you?

You are powerful. Do you use this power? Do you keep that sword on the mantle, or do you know how to swing it?

How are you going to feel and express love today? Love is the backbone of the universe. It is always there. If you ever forget or doubt that, step into nature or spend time with those you love. Don’t lose perspective, small time love has a big time impact.

You have big magick. Use your magick. Walk through conflict with grace and eyes open. Be powerful. Take action. Love.

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