Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread: The heart light, the beloved, and the dark feminine.

New moons are generally about setting intentions and sowing seeds for new endeavors. This new moon eclipse lands on the heart-star of the Leo constellation. Leo is a fixed fire sign, often linked with ego, individuality, vivacity, courage, charisma, self-expression and spirit-fire – the ability to create and manifest directly from the soul. Those born under Leo, or heavily influenced by Leo often find that their lives are full of constant change, excitement, and love. Passionate, passionate love and beauty.

On the 21st of August at 15:46 UTC there will be a solar eclipse on the Leo new moon. (It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still work with the solar eclipse energy.) There is a disruption in the energies flowing on this date. The Sun, the masculine, the fire, the extroverted will be cast into shadow when the Leo New Moon glides into view, blanketing the world in soft dark and opening up direct and conscious communication to the dark feminine energies.

This is a rare event as indicated by her name: the ‘dark’ feminine. It is rare that she steps forward, ready to expose herself to the light in this way. But now is the time of miracles, magick, and chaos. Now is the time to lead with the heart.

The dark feminine is here on this date to talk about your heart-light: what lights up your heart? Where is your passion? How do you express it? How do you nurture it? How do you manifest… from the heart?

This will be a rare opportunity to commune directly with the feline dark feminine, heart to heart, and explore a rarely discussed element of her power: How can the dark feminine become manifest in your every day to help support your self-expression and feel your worth in this world?

How can she heal and boost your heart-light and help you understand your ABSOLUTELY fundamental right to exists in this world?

Where does the dark feminine sit in your ego? How can she help you achieve your goals for the next three years? Every minute of darkness corresponds to a year of influence.

It is not unusual for the energies to become somewhat chaotic during a solar eclipse. Use this chaos. The air is ripe with love, magick and possibilities for change. It is a time of miracles. Look at who you are, your identity and your beliefs. If you want to change, set your intentions now. If you want to improve or strengthen who you are, set your intentions now. If you want to incorporate more of the dark feminine into your identity, set your intentions now. The dark feminine is here to help and the solar eclipse on this Leo new moon will supercharge any intentions you set. You are a work of art. Create yourself just as you would any other artwork. It is okay to be selfish at times. You are allowed to be beautiful. You have a right to be here. You have a right to claim your destiny. You are brilliant. You are a miracle. Own it. Remember: by owning who you are and living with wild compassion, you encourage others to do the same. Take pride in your pride of sisters and brothers by living fearlessly from your heart. Love is contagious.

If you feel ready to open that door of communication with the dark feminine at this auspicious time, here is a spread that may help. But be aware, the feline aspect of dark feminine rarely pulls punches, and certainly not during an eclipse.

  • Message from your dark feminine.
  • How can the dark feminine help you manifest your dreams, plans, and desires?
  • How do you currently express your dark feminine in your personality?
  • How do you identify with the dark feminine?
  • How do others see/react to your dark feminine?
  • How can the dark feminine help you understand your self-worth and break through any self-doubt and fears?
  • What medicine does the dark feminine have for you, the beloved?
  • How can you best integrate and balance your masculine/feminine dark/light moon/sun anima/animus energies?
  • How can you nurture your dark feminine?

After you finish this spread pamper yourself as you reflect, perhaps with a long, rose oil bath. Then, if you really want to kick off your manifestations, create a spell jar and place a potted rose plant on top of it. As the plant grows and breathes, it will supercharge your intentions and invite the dark feminine, the luscious Luna energies, and deep magick to co-create a powerful future and a powerful you.

21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread
21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread



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