Dark feminine lightening: Solar eclipse tarot 21st August 2017

  • Message from your dark feminine: The Lovers.
  • How can the dark feminine help you manifest your dreams, plans, and desires? The Tower.
  • How do you currently express your dark feminine in your personality? Knight of Wands.
  • How do you identify with the dark feminine? Five of Swords and The Hanged Man.
  • How do others see/react to your dark feminine? Two of Discs and The Devil.
  • How can the dark feminine help you understand your self-worth and break through any self-doubt and fears? The Magician and Death.
  • What medicine does the dark feminine have for you, the beloved? The Wheel of Fortune.
  • How can you best integrate and balance your masculine/feminine dark/light moon/sun anima/animus energies? Two of Cups.
  • How can you nurture your dark feminine? Ace of Cups and Ace of Wands.

Choose the divine. Love wild and love high. Choose you and choose what is right for your soul. Never, ever compromise your love, least of all love for yourself.

Let night and dark and fear and terror rip away at your foundations. Let everything you know fall in flames while you, you surpass all doubt and rise like the phoenix from the ashes. You can do this. You can let go. Stop holding on to those broken stones that will only burn your hands and steal your dreams. Let go and let the truth be born inside you.

You don’t need to hold fire, you are fire. You have lightening in your hands – the power to heal and the power to kill. What will you do with this magick? You know you wield it with precision and perfect intent. What will you do?

Stop. Fighting. Surrender. You are fighting your dark feminine. But there is no battle. Where you draw lines between light and shade, you are only severing yourself. And no matter how you exhaust yourself running, your dark feminine is still there, raw but wise and ready to help if you would just surrender. Don’t just walk into the dark and leave again, challenge yourself to walk into the dark and stay a while. Wait. Hold still. Let fear melt away and listen to the language of the roots, the dark stars, the worms, the grandmothers, and the ghosts. Heed their wisdoms and take the time to plant seeds of your own in this dark place, welcome the growth that she brings rather than denying her… denying you.

You are magick. That lightening in your hands has gifted you the ability to manifest and work the art of alchemy. No matter what the world throws at you, you survive, no, you thrive. Even though it may feel like the hardest battle on Earth… (Shh! I heard that. Stop comparing yourself to others and their pain. You have fought every day of your life, fought to live, fought to succeed, fought to be. At times it hurt, more than you can ever express to anyone. But you know what? The dark feminine knows. She not only hears you but she also understands you and your pain because she was right there with you when you were hurting, at times she even carried you. So stop denying your pain and stop denying her.) …Even though it may feel like the hardest battle on Earth, you’ve made it and you have succeeded in the divine’s eyes. But oh doesn’t that attract envy and jealousy. Other’s envy the way you live your life with such grace. Fuck them. But what about you? How have you internalized their envy and jealousy? Have you learned to shut down the power of your dark feminine so as not to ‘offend’?

The dark feminine offers you the magick of death to bust through your self-doubt and understand your self-worth. Be the architect of beautiful endings in your life. Learn to let go of poisonous beliefs fed to you by small, afraid people. Learn to celebrate endings that cut the binds on your soul. Learn to harness the power of transformation. Find the joy in chaos. Wade through the dark womb-like waters of creation. Bask in the balance of eternity. Do all of this because there is no need to be afraid any more. By accepting the magick of death you will see your life from the other side. This rare perspective will help you see your life for the delicious celebration it is. By coming to a place of pure compassion, empathy and detachment, you will let go of the last thing holding you and your magick down: a need for permission.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be here. You are breathing. You are alive. You are loved. You do not need permission to live or to strive. YOU are your right to be alive.

The dark feminine wants to give you your trust back. Fate, destiny and karma are all on your side. The universe supports you. Hear the dark feminine when she tells you it’s okay to take a break from running so hard every now and again, fate, destiny, luck are all very real vibrations and if you trust in them, they will trust in you. Let the universe hold you.

All the dark feminine asks for in return is love. She wants to see you excited, passionate, fulfilled and connected. For as you are love, she is love.


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