Throwing Bones: Dark Seed


Throwing Bones
Throwing Bones

The delicious dark is climbing up to plant a seed in your soul. It will hurt. You will ask why. You will struggle. Parts of you will come away in pieces. It is only when you surrender and let the seed sprout and blow you apart that you will see the brilliant growth that it brings and feel your strength renewed.


This will be a long process. Several months. Whether you fight and hurt, or surrender and feel is up to you. But know that your heart is ready to expand and take in this next journey.


You may feel under siege at times, but that conflict will strengthen you and help you find and tell your truth. As the old you falls away your voice will strengthen and so will your will.


You will see reason behind an old wound, the forgiveness that comes from that will nurture the seed. Everything that feels tangled and stuck inside you will become wild and free.


You are about to make peace with that part of you that you have labelled ‘monster’. And as your heart, soul, and body unfolds from this false prison you will find your tribe.

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