Daily Tarot September 1st 2017 : Cycles of Wealth

Today’s tarot card is the Six of Pentacles.

I refer to this card as the card of cycles.

Prosperity, whether it be health, money, work, security etc., is an absolutely vital aspect of human existence. It is the first need that needs to be filled in Maslow’s hierarchy. We all need a roof over our head and food on our table. When our security is under threat is causes untold stress. And stress equals blockages. That is usually where the cycle of prosperity can get blocked.

Stress and worry about security is normal and certainly not something to beat yourself up over. When the foundations of our material life are threatened it is the normal human response to panic. However, getting stuck in a fearful mindset can block you from seeing opportunities and thinking creatively. Fear can freeze you and lock you into a mindset of lack.

The Six of Pentacles reminds us that all energies, money and health included, are fluid energies. They are always moving and fluctuating. It can be hard to navigate at times but that is the beautiful and awful challenge of life. Real problems erupt when we are governed by fear and these energies grow stagnant because we are holding on so tight to what little we have. Sometimes we can even find ourselves holding on to the belief that we deserve to be poor.

When the Six of Pentacles comes up I encourage people to stop, breathe, and try and visualize the energies of prosperity as flowing again.

Be open hearted and open minded, accept whatever help is offered to you while understanding that accepting in grace can help get the energies moving. Likewise, even if you are broke-ass poor or sick as a dog, you always have something to give – time, prayers, love, creativity – you name it. Humans are a wealth of resources. Think about consciously gifting some of your resources away with compassion and with the intent of getting the energy of prosperity flowing again. It doesn’t have to be anything big, the smallest thing can make someone’s day.

This may sound like a selfish act in some ways, but the cycle of prosperity moves through all of us. It is just another vibration in the universe that we can all tune into. As you help prosperity flow into your life, you are also helping others by keeping the wheel of wealth moving. The cycle of prosperity doesn’t just become stagnant when you become fearful, it becomes stagnant when you are rich and become miserly. Trusting that you will be taken care of by the universe and operating with an open heart, gifting and receiving with compassion and grace will help both you and your neighbour.

The more you open yourself up to the cycle of prosperity the more you will find fear drops away and wealth flows in. Trust. Grace. Compassion. Mindful generosity. Keep the wheel turning and the energy flow for all. There is enough. I promise.

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