Pisces Full Moon Meditation/Cord Cutting and Tarot. In the deep: Wield your beauty.

The Pisces full Moon is one I always look forward to. It is a time of dreams, spirit, beauty, grace, and deep feeling. Magick is literally in the air. However, Pieces can also be associated with being overwhelmed, dissociation, denial, impulsivity and more disastrously – rumination.

Pisces is also the final sign in the Zodiac as such it is also associated with endings and evolution. As such, even though it may seem counter intuitive, the Pisces full Moon is the perfect time for releasing and cleansing.

I am now going to share a loving approach to cord cutting.

I have always considered that the original cord cutting was quite violent. By cutting cords you are not only leaving a wound in yourself from where you cut, but the cord itself is left flying through the air. There are various ways of solving these two issues, but that is a lot of extra work and cord cutting is an intense process without these extra issues.

The following is a meditation I have been working on for a while. It will probably always be in development. It isn’t prescriptive, feel free to make it your own. This meditation is for releasing and cleansing with love – whether you need to release a person, an idea, a situation, a memory… whatever it is that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Wait until it is night then, under the Pisces full Moon find a quiet place and make it beautiful. Perhaps it is a small circle of candles and crystals. Perhaps it is your bed with fresh linen and your cat. Perhaps it is in a dark corner of the forest somewhere near midnight. You define your standards of beauty, not society. Reclaim your beauty.

The reason why this is so important is because beauty is your power. Beauty is often an underrated power. Beauty has been considered selfish or superficial. This is wrong. Beauty brings us peace and helps express essential elements of ourselves. Wield your beauty.

Now, imagine yourself in the ocean, rocking slowly with the waves. The water is warm and the Moon is full. Whale songs are in the air and sand shifts between your toes. The mermaids are splashing. This ocean is all the richness and power of water. It is life and it is love. Yemaya is all around. Holding you.

Now invite what or whoever it is that you want to release to join you in these waters, it may even be a part of yourself or your past. Invite them to bathe and enjoy the beauty. Be in this space of beauty and love, together. Right now you are just two souls, two lights bouncing on the waves.

When it feels right, visualize whatever connection it is between you – a cord, a web, a light… it can be anything. If you need to say anything to the person now is the time.

The waves are warm and charged with love, the magick of the Goddess and the moon shine along the rolling surface. The waves rock back and forth and slowly, eroding any unhealthy connection, both breaking the bond and cleansing it at the same time. The salt water will also help close, heal, and cauterize any wounds left behind. The waters will heal and support you. When you eventually leave this ocean you will be free, healed, cleansed, and replenished.

Once the erosion is complete, invite the other person or object to leave. Ask that the Yemaya see them safely home.

Now is your time.

Perhaps now you feel the need to fully immerse yourself in the waters, wash yourself entirely and emerge anew. Fresh and reinvigorated. Does the surface of the water show you anything? Do the whales speak in a tongue you can understand? Can you feel the moonlight sinking into your bones and lighting you up as the water gently massages your skin and runs through the strands of your hair? You are clean, whole, safe, loved and free.

Take whatever time you need but at the end be sure to give back to the ocean. Perhaps visualize yourself feeding a sea animal or setting flowers on the water for Yemaya.

The cords are gone. You are healed. Not a blade in sight.

Wield your gentleness and your beauty wisely. Be strong in your softness. Love.

Two simple tarot spreads that you might like to do at the end of this process are the following:

Flowing with the deep:


  • 1) The barrier between you and the deep dreaming water magicks.
  • 2) How to connect safely and easily with the deep dreaming water magicks.
  • 3) The message from the deep dreaming water magicks.



Reclaiming beauty:


  • 1) Your beauty.
  • 2) Challenges to working with your beauty energy.
  • 3) How to wield your beauty wisely.
  • 4) How to nurture your beauty.
  • 5) How beauty nurtures you.




3 Comments on “Pisces Full Moon Meditation/Cord Cutting and Tarot. In the deep: Wield your beauty.

  1. Thank you Catherine for the “Beautiful Meditation” and reminding us what doesn’t serve us well …we must LET GO!

  2. Oh, so timely. What a beautiful and gentle way of surrendering and releasing. I know exactly what cords I’ll be dissolving.

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