Plant Medicine for Today: Jasmine, The Moon Flower

The plant medicine that came forward for this weekend was Jasmine. Jasmine is sometimes referred to as the Goddess flower or the Moon Flower – it’s scent is strongest at night.

Jasmine is a gentle but powerful plant; she whispers ancient magick in honeyed tones of silk.

Jasmine’s magick include; purity, spiritual love, sensuality, beauty, prophesy, creativity and luck.

It is one of the strongest feminine plants and often comes when you need to strengthen your connection to the feminine spirit, not just within yourself but globally. This includes connecting with the feminine spirit within the males around you.

It both blesses and warns of prophesy. Sleeping with Jasmine under your pillow or burning in your bedroom will usher in prophetic dreams. However, Jasmine also warns you to mind the words you cast onto the air because they have the power to shape the future. Keep note of your dreams over the next week – even the smallest detail. Any and all small dream details will come in handy when you least expect it, especially when it comes to making decisions.

To attract more love and luck into your life consider getting some Jasmine oil and diluting it in olive oil and dressing your wrists in it this week. You may also consider putting some fresh or dry jasmine in your work space and under your pillow.

Jasmine is also one of the rare herbs that can be used to recharge crystals – just like moonlight. Quartz and Jasmine are a particularly powerful magickal combination.

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  1. Love the scent of Jasmine…
    Thank you for the wonderful and inspirational information Cat!!

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