Today’s Odin Rune Spread: Wunjo (reversed and converse.)

Today’s Odin Rune Spread:  Wunjo (reversed and converse.)

Happiness hidden and inverted. Not the nicest way to start the day but definitely a theme that has been coming up in my readings and increasing as we head into the festive season.

Society has always pushed a strong focus on ‘happiness’. We all have to be happy and if you’re not happy, you’re a failure. Or, if you’re not happy you have to have a damn good reason why not. Never mind that occasional sadness is a normal part of the human experience.

It probably hasn’t passed you by that the world is in a bit of turmoil at the moment, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. Along with that I have seen a lot of people working hard to stay positive and lift others up – in essence a lot of people with big hearts and good intentions running themselves into the ground with a tight grin on their face.. Some people are able to manage this while staying grounded and informed, others I have watched slowly separate from reality getting lost to fantasy.

Wunjo is not only associated with joy, luck, relationships and but also wishes and dreams. With it being reversed and conversed I can only think of the many people I have read for and spoken to lately who are fighting so hard to be ‘happy’ and fulfil all the ‘shoulds’ of their lives that they have stepped into creating and living a fantasy, a self-constructed trap in which they are trying to build a sense of happiness and convince themselves it is real.

This constructed happiness that they are lost in may take the form of a relationship, a friendship, a foolhardy venture, elaborate plans you know deep down you have little to no intention on following through. Or at its worst: addiction.

I am the last person to tell you to stop dreaming and wishing, but even dreaming has it dangers. They can deliver false happiness that demand all your energy to maintain the illusion while blocking personal growth and any gifts of true happiness from the Universe.

In short, is your happiness authentic or are you manufacturing something ‘like’ happiness because you think you should, because you are hiding from other emotions, or because you don’t trust the Universe to deliver anymore?

If you can relate to this, find someone who can hold space for you and talk.

If you know someone who you can relate this to, create and hold space for them offering a safe place to just be.

Sometimes all you need to do is breathe, whether is it through tears or a smile, that is your victory: breathing.

The Witch’s Talisman: Pearl Whitecrow

Here at Weaver Tarot we will be slowly introducing Pearl Whitecrow’s (Arts Of The Alchemists) jewellery. Pearl doesn’t just work as a tarot reader and rootworker, she is also a jeweller, sculptor, painter… general artist extraordinaire – with a witchy twist. Pearl’s art is both technically brilliant and spiritually powerful. I know because I own quite a few pieces of her work, including the sister piece to this Talisman.

This particular talisman is designed and crafted to both open up your intuitive awareness and strengthen your psychic powers whilst also protecting you, ensuring you are safe as you extend your gifts. She’ll wrap you in the colours of the Aurora Borealis, shielding you from chaos and darkness while encouraging to speak your truth. She will embolden the witch within to unveil and connect with the ancient magicks, channel them, and work with them in a way that peace and magnificent change and manifestation.

Although powerful, this talisman is not heavy or overbearing. If I were to sum up its energy I one word I would say: ‘love’. Even the colors encourage gentle care. Lavender to heal and calm. Lightening blue to awaken and charge. Gold to enrich and heal. Green to love and be loved. You will be wrapped in sky and lifted to the stars as your Third-Eye and Throat Chakra open and heal. Feel the truth, serenity, harmony, and feminie magicks carry you as you walk between worlds and shimmer through the dreaming.

And all of this magick is framed in the lusciousness of an Art Nouveau design.

Let your High Priestess rise and run wild under the protection of this stunning amulet. To see more click here.


Big skies, magick, and gratitude.

Magick, magick, magick. It has been hard to keep up with writing blog posts while traveling. I’ve been very busy which has left me exhausted in the best possible way.

As always, America has welcomed me with open arms. Although my heritage is largely European I have always felt my home and heartlands are America and Canada. My health is better when I am here, all my best friends live here, and my magick seems to be stronger when I am walking this soil. My dreams sing with prophesy, my skin hums with life, my hands glimmer and glint with magick, and my feet move like fluid roots through the soft wild soils. I feel safe, loved, and happy here. There’s no real logical explanation, I just know that when I am here, I am home. The earth holds me, the trees shelter me, the winds whisper secret wisdoms and stories, and the waters… the waters nourish and cleanse me beyond anything I have experienced. And don’t even start me on the animals… Oh! And the skies in Oklahoma are phenomenal. The low lying trees and spread of single story buildings means it feels like you are living in the sky with the taste of clouds on your tongue and stars in your hair. It is freeing.

Every time I visit American and Canada I die and am reborn. It’s lovely.

Last week I spent time in San Diego with a dear friend. My love for her transcends everything. The memories I made with her are my greatest treasure. But they are just for me, my secret everything. I will be returning to her time and time again.

I will spend the next two weeks with my soul-mate Pearl Whitecrow. There are no words for what it has been like to physically meet Pearl. Pearl and I have been friends for several years. It was love at first pun. Our souls have entwined via words and dreams in ways that are eerily and beautifully inexplicable. When we connect our words become alchemical and a whole world of magick opens between us… and quite a bit of mischief. Last year we decided to start Weaver Tarot so we could share our magick, art, and mischief with the world. Weaver Tarot is less about making money and more about sharing and discovering new wisdoms. We want to keep the magick alive and support any and all witches that may need us.

I am not going to lie, throwing myself on a plane to travel across the world to meet and stay with people I’ve never ‘met’, especially when I am terminal and live in constant pain, is fucking terrifying. But it turns out the risk has paid off.

When Pearl and I met we both tripped out. It was as if we had both dropped LSD. We were flying, lifted out of our bodies and high on love and wonder. It took about three days for us to adjust to the fact we were both real, physically together, and that the love and connection was even stronger in real life. The connection was so seamless that we have been able to chat like old friends, work magick together like wedded crones, and create art and share a studio like we are simply two parts of a whole moving together. It has been wild and we have been trying to share our journey as best we can on Instagram, Facebook book and alike simply because we know the power of community. Plus, I love playing with visuals and chatting with people around the world. Social media can be a powerful tool for good.

So, even though my blog may be a bit quieter than usual the magick, business, and adventures continue to gather momentum and spiral out in long arms of possibilities, awe, creativity, love, and healing.

There will be some exciting changes coming to Weaver Tarot over the coming months as Pearl and I integrate our knowledge. Most of these will be kept secret until we can confirm times, places, dates, and other practicalities. In the meantime, phone readings and spiritual counseling listings will be advertised over the next few days. You will also see a lot of art and jewellery being added to the store. In time we may be open to commissions for talismans and alike, too. The little seed that was Weaver Tarot is surely blooming. Meanwhile, I am going to sink back down into the earth and bask in her warmth and spend time loving on my loved ones.

In two weeks’ time I will be leaving Oklahoma, I can barely think about leaving Pearl without wanting to cry but I know we will be reunited again very soon. On the flip side, in two weeks’ time I will be going to visit another soul-mate of mine, my co-author Leon Howell – another person with whom magick and love abounds in ways that defies description.

This trip is truly a great privilege and all this love is even a greater privilege, and none of it would have been possible without you because it was Weaver Tarot that helped fund this trip. So, thank you to all of those people who believed in us and our vision. Whether you spent money or simply offered us encouragement you have our deepest gratitude and we can only hope that over time Weaver Tarot can grow and serve you in the best way possible or at least bring you some joy from all the crazy adventures it births.

Love and blessings and mischief,


Crowned Nothing: Samhain 2017 Free Tarot Reading

The Fountain

Based on the Liminal Spread (see above post.)

Braving the unknown. The abyss between here and there. Would you brave it if you knew that on the other side was everything? The long dark infinite roll of universes and all the perfectly placed stars, planets, and souls.


The in-between, the unmarked, unveiled, death is meant to be scary and terrifying. Fear stands as a wall between here and the liminal, keeping the fearful out. The keys to the nothing are only offered to those who can fall in love with the dark and wander blindly without fear; knowing and trusting that their heart is the only guide they need.


Let go. Stop waiting. You are worthy of deep magick and deep healing. You have every right to be however you want to be, wherever you want to be. Fly. You are safe, even when you are not you.


When you cross into this place, you will see you have no form. Your skin-cage will float away and you will drift and scatter and spiral and dance back together again, formless but feeling. And this cycle will repeat forever. You can be anything, go anywhere, do anything in this space. There is no limit. Trust the wings of death to brush away all those limiting beliefs; soft black feathers chasing the delicate chart of your soul to cut it free of the binds of this life. You are nothing. You are free. The void is open to you. How will you be? Will you be at all? How does it feel? Can you hear the heartbeat of being pulsing through the night-walls and howling winds?


You could have anything and be anything, slip inside any skin and broaden your perspective, deepen your wisdom, and strengthen your heart with each new breath as you slide through that tunnel of stars and moons, twisting, writhing, evolving. Catch the light.


Drop your expectations, drop the echoes of sadness and petty losses that you cling to in an effort to fool yourself that the world is a single, stable thing and you are a single, stable thing within it. Be free, be stupid, be silly, risk it all and run like a fae at the pretty fire, ready to embrace the light and trust the flames to only burn away the aspects of you that keep you hurting: the Divine Fire of the Threshold. You don’t cross unless you burn.


But look at all your fears? They blind and bind you. Do things have to be black and white? Do they have to be labelled at all? Does everything need to be understood? Or, are their places beyond time and space, liminal, that you can just trust what it is to feel? But can your heart reach that far and be so wild and chaotic when we have been raised in a system that tells us to fear ourselves and the horrible cruelty of human nature? What is it you fear about yourself? Do you fear your potential? Or do you fear what you know, you know, deep down you are truly capable of? The dark, the horrific, the feral. What if you could accept all parts of you all had a role? What if you could accept that this self is merely a haphazardly built vessel slapped together out of a need to survive? What if you dropped all self doubt, self judgement, what if you dropped the self. What if you could accept you could change this structure at will… or better yet, step away from it all together to see, to feel what it was to be free of your socially programmed restraints that tell you what it must mean to be a human? You’ve been taught to fear yourself. Unteach yourself.


You exist wherever love exists. Violence, savagery, cruelty… it doesn’t matter. The core energy of all life is love. You, YOU exists wherever love exists. Follow the love-line and you will be gifted spirit-fire, you will be gifted the magick of shadow-walking and dream-walking. You are crowned traveller.


The liminal has gifted you itself. There is no honour greater than this. Take the void into your ribs and feel yourself become one with the everything and the nothing. Spread. Fade. Forget. Rise. Born of liminal and forever flying no matter which feet you wear. Now you will always have the keys to the nothing, always to walk the threshold catching the secret and long lost magicks and wisdom as they skip by on the star-shard winds.


Let death bloom in your chest. Let go. Transform. Fly.


Fly fly fly, even when you’re walking fly. And don’t forget, you’re nothing. Crowned nothing and born of nothing.

The Liminal. Samhain Tarot Spread. 2017

Artist: Pearl Whitecrow

Samhain, the in-between, the thinning of the veil, the bleed, the dark, the dead, death. Fire. This is the night where all things roam free, free of themselves. Who are you? Where are you? Have you ever wondered what all the possibilities are for you? Whether you exist elsewhere in other dimensions? How far you could grow, change and transform in this life if you weren’t bound by what you know of yourself, by what you were TOLD to be?

What if you were nothing, limitless, shapeless, meaningless? What if in this place you could look back and see the everything, the perspective, all the possibilities that await you if you could just let go and see?

That is the aim of this spread: The Liminal.

This is not a beginners spread. It involves risk and letting go and skill at managing your own ability to leave and return to your body, or at least being able to return to a grounded state after flying.

Samhain. Midnight: the liminal witching hour. Light your candles. Set your grounding stone. Wear your flying ointment or light your herbs. Turn off the lights. Close your eyes. Fly. Drop everything you know. Leave who you are behind. Reach and let the nothing, the liminal, the everything choose these cards for you.

  1. What limits your perspective?
  2. What does the liminal have to show you?
  3. What is your greatest potential?
  4. Who are you now?
  5. What aspect of your potential self aren’t you seizing?
  6. What unhelpful aspect of yourself aren’t you letting go of?
  7. What do you need to do in order to access the liminal with greater ease?
  8. Why do you fear the liminal?
  9. Why do you fear yourself?
  10. Where else do you exist?
  11. What do your other selves have to say to you?
  12. What energies wish to blend with you for your benefit? Maybe a wolf, a tree, an angel, a star, or something you could never have imagined save for the liminal.
  13. What is the liminal’s gift for you?
  14. What does this year hold for you? Liminal – show me shadows of the future.
  15. How can you honour the liminal?

Come back. Open your eyes. Grab your grounding stone and read.

Who are you going to be this year?

Drowsily San Diego.

Woman – Remedios Varo, 1952

I have landed safely in San Diego and spent my first night on United States soil. It has been wonderful. I have a loving host, waffles the size of my head, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING, and an eerily blue moon singing up songs from the rolling caramel mountains of stone and pine.

We headed out to the hills yesterday and it was so quiet. There was a milky haze across the horizon and winds whispering ancient mysteries as they spiralled by. It was pure bliss to sit out under the smooth, warm air and read tarot last night. The magick flows easily here.

As I wake up here (7:30am UTC) I look forward to another day of sinking my feet into the dust and feeling into this rich land of story and light. It really is a landscape that brings the suit of Wands to mind – the fire, the vividness, the spirit and the passion. It will be interesting to see how a different location influences my readings. In the meantime I will continue working in bringing my new services, spiritual counselling, to you over the next week.

Daily Tarot: The Hanged Man and Martyrdom.

Let’s talk about martyrdom. Martyrdom is one of those words that gets bantered around by pop-psychology much like the current trend for pseudo-diagnosing narcissism, the rally cry of introversion, the war on ego, and superficial arguments around triggers etc.

The Martyr complex is a very real psychological problem, but just like narcissism, introversion, ego, and triggers – martyrdom is a standard part of our psychology. We all have times where we feel the world is against us and make our suffering public to draw support from loved ones and avoid responsibility, among other things. This behaviour often comes when our soul is on the brink of evolving or opening up. It can also happen when Spirit is trying to work closely with you and offer a gift of some kind. (Let’s face it, Spirit’s gifts usually come looking like challenges!)

Spiritual martyrdom often presents as someone going through the motions of a spiritual life, ticking off the boxes, a lot of blame, hidden anger and fear, a decent whack of narcissism, public proclamations of suffering, refusals for help, and probably most dangerously: finding meaning and even joy in pain. I am leaving out the discussion of masochism because in this instance pain represents a better alternative to doing the real work: getting honest, looking with in and facing the challenges that need to be overcome to move forward, and letting go of unhealthy patterns and/or people.

This post isn’t a judgment. Everyone goes through stages of martyrdom here and there. It is a fantastic way to avoid problems and soak up love and support from those around you. It’s a great way to recharge and therefore, very, very addictive.

Getting stuck in the martyrdom role eventually leads to greater levels of anxiety and more problems because you aren’t addressing the main challenges that are stopping you from moving forward. Also, the love and admiration you are receiving is not actually the love and support you need. You are spiritually starving. You still have that hole within, and it is growing.

The best way to move through martyrdom and deal with the Hangman Reversed is to trust. Trust you can sit quietly and scan your heart, mind, and body and discover what it is you really need. Trust you have a right to speak up about your needs. Understand that no matter how you feel, you have the power to make change. It is okay to let go and grieve. Happiness will come again.

And if you are too scared or too anxious, that is okay. There is no rush. What you might like to focus on is nourishing yourself emotionally and spiritually from other sources (rather than from people’s pity.) That way when you do step away from being a martyr you already have a support system in place.

Ask yourself:

Is the fight your fighting really your battle? Or a distraction from my real needs?

How am I nourishing myself internally?

Am I taking responsibility for my life and moving forward?

The power of a question.



Over the last week there has been two themes: high emotions and reactive questions.

There is a reason tarot readers often find it hard to read for themselves: emotionality. Feelings and personal biases can get in the way of the truth. But most tarot readers are wise enough to not consult the tarot in the heat of the moment or when emotions are running high.

Most people only make contact with tarot readers when there is a crisis or they need to make a decision. However, sometimes people contact tarot readers when their emotions are running high, or right as the crisis is happening. This is not always wise. I am not telling you it is wrong, more providing a warning as to what you can expect when you do this.

The way I work with tarot is quite psychological in many ways as I am Jungian trained. I try to gear my readings towards encouraging you to take control, feel empowered, and find solutions or, at least a way to healthily sit with whatever it is you are going through. However, I also channel spirit when I read the tarot. Spirit often delivers tough love and deals only in the truth.

When emotional, we usually ask the key questions, the questions that are at the heart of our pain: Did he cheat? Is she lying? Do they love me? Will I have children? Am I haunted? Are they possessed? Should I divorce? The list goes on. While these questions are valid, if they are motivated by anger or desperation they can be painful.

These are important questions but timing is also important. I rarely turn anyone away in tarot but I do check in with them if ‘now’ is the time to ask these questions. Sometimes self-care is knowing when to stop.

If you are in the peak of anxiety or distress, or if a crisis has just occurred, sometimes consulting the tarot is not the best way to care for yourself because the spirits won’t lie, and I don’t sugar coat. That is not to say I deliver my readings without compassion, but no matter how much empathy and understanding I couch my readings in there is no nice way to confirm that you are being cheated on etc. Hearing this news when you are already hurting can be unhelpful in that moment, extremely distressing even dangerous. This is why I am always very careful with my clients in distress.

Also, many people come to the tarot looking for consolation and comfort (even if they tell themselves that they want the truth.) Although a question is important, once you read the truthful answer, there is no way to unread it. And the truth is not always comforting.

The spirits can be wrong and I am not advocating ignorance is bliss, but just… think carefully and be sure that the time it right. I will do my best to support you in your journey, but truth is truth. Always ask yourself, ‘If I ask this, and it is true, what will I do?’ How will it help you? If it will upset you, how will you care for yourself? Why do you need this truth? Do you already know the answer? Is asking this question now the best way to care for myself?

Ace of Wands: Gentle Fire.


As some of you already know I have been a bit quiet on the social media front because my jaw was dislocated. So much fun. Anyway, it has meant silence, rest, and soup for a good week now. I have about six more weeks of healing to go. And of course, I am leaving for my three-month trip to the USA and Canada next week. The Universe really does like testing me on occasion.

My store and social media will be running as per usual and I will be sharing my journey with my followers.

However, despite the silence on social media I have still been hard at work reading tarot and working mojo etc. I even managed to finish my novel (after three years!) this week. Some very interesting themes have come up during this time, but today I will stick with one.

Ace of Wands. The Ace of Wands has been coming up a lot for me which had been interesting considering I have had to be quiet and restful. But this has given me a chance to explore ‘quiet fire’.

In this time, I have finished my novel and thus had more energy for other things. While a lot of this energy has been focused on healing, my business has started booming and so have new magical connections. One connection has been with an enigmatic forest-witch. When we talk alchemy happens and new dimensional doors open allowing deep, dark, lush magick to flow through. The other connection has been with Spirit, my dreams have been bold and lucid and the ghosts have been having a grand old time making themselves known this month but they, along with tarot, have taught me about ‘quiet fire’.

The Ace of Wands is often read as an explosion of energy ready to be channelled into Herculean tasks. It often comes with restlessness and action. I am reflecting on my current experience of it because I noted it can also come as a small, flickering flame of inspiration that gently draws new people and ideas to you. It cradles you in a warm heat that is healing and uplifting and allows you to feel safe enough to open to this new light, new ways of seeing, these new ideas, people and spirits. Like many Eucalypts, I am a seed that needed the fire to open me and nurse me into sprouting in a new direction.

I’ve been so sore and quiet, but at the same time I have been aware of this little flickering flame I’ve needed to nurture, because in return it has nurtured me filling my world with a soft glowing magick and guiding me towards new paths.

What I have taken from this is that tarot is alive, fluid, and sensitive to our needs. The time was right for new ideas and fire, both to cleanse and renew. But the tarot and spirit knew not to bowl me over with fire. I am holding onto the wand and using it to help me walk while following the ember being offered by spirit. Tarot is tough love, tarot is truth, tarot is harmony.

Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse Tarot Spread: Ares Warrior Energy

Warrior Energy

This spread has been brewing for some time. It was originally going to be presented as the Mabon tarot spread, but the energy didn’t feel right and I wasn’t strong enough to channel it. But now we are coming up to the Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse and the warrior energy is raring to go. And when I say warrior, I mean WARRIOR: Ares.

Yes, I am aware most witches on this path will warn you off working with Ares, so if you aren’t comfortable working with him or in this area then this spread is not for you. And that is okay. It is important you only follow the aspects of the path you are comfortable with.

Today’s reading is about connecting with your own inner warrior, that part of you that is both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Ares was powerful in battle but had a fragile ego, yet he was father to the Amazons, Harmonia (harmony), Eros (love/Cupid) as well as a plethora of war deities. This he is associated with warrior energy, victory, humiliation, power, passion, love, and conflict. He is violence and fire, an unfriendly but necessary energy that we all harbor, but many of us are afraid of because we either fear ourselves or, we have been taught it is wrong to connect with this side of ourselves. Let me just clear something up: it’s not wrong.

The ability to fight for what is right, what is yours, and respond with all the power you have to protect others is never wrong. It is true that compared to Athena, Ares energy is more out of control and dangerous, however there are times in our lives where we need that berserker energy. And considering it is an energy that resides in us regardless, it is at least wise to look at that aspect of our spirit/personality so we are aware of it when it comes to the surface and either channel it accordingly, or tell it to sit the fuck down. Know thyself also applies to know thy scary self.

There are no inherently bad energies (note: I am excluding evil from this discussion.) There are just bad ways of handling energy. Nuclear power can be used for good and bad, the same with warrior energy.

Ares is typically associated with red, Mars, fire, black dogs and rams. It is here we see the link to the Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse. Luna Eclipses are often about endings and change. Blood moons are symbolic of death and endings as the Wheel of the Year turns towards Winter. Aries is about passion, action, mind, championship, stubbornness, and energy. It is also the sign of new beginnings, and all these energies will be amplified under the Super Moon. As such, it is a perfect time to look at your warrior, at what is worth fighting for, and what is worth letting go of. Get to know where your volcanic power and passion comes from so you can work with it in a productive and exciting way.

This is heavy work but important work, especially for those witches who work publicly. It is not always easy to be ‘out’ as a witch. The old stereotypes still exist. It is still a death sentence to be outed as a witch in some cultures. And like any path, witches can be witches worst enemies. So knowing how to protect yourself, fight for what is right, and protect others is essential if you are doing this work publicly. All witches are warriors.

Under the power of this Full Moon is the time to wield your warrior energy to make a clean break from what is harming you or no longer serving you. It is time to take a chance and follow your passion – don’t just think about it, take action, even the smallest act will get the ball rolling. Keep moving: dance, sing, run, walk, anything to help balance the surge of energy that will come with this moon. Be careful not to make any rash decisions and keep a check on your emotions. It is also a fantastic time to cut ties, petition your Gods/Goddesses of choice, and start a whole new adventure. Fire is your best friend at this time; burn to break ties and burn to send your petitions skywards. Also, keep an eye out for anyone who is struggling and offer a shield arm if they need protection. Even if you’re feeling exhausted I can promise you that your inner warrior ALWAYS has an extra volcanic push of energy to save the day. Always.

Ares Tarot Spread: Making Peace with your Warrior.

The time has come: no more abandoning yourself mid battle. Stand up for what you believe both for yourself and for those around you. Not all battles are grand and public, some battles are quiet and unseen – such as the battle to keep breathing every day. But all battles are worthy of the same respect and understanding. So, whatever your battle let your warrior help you.

People may tell you that war, fighting, violence, fighting, fire etc., are ‘bad’, but life is a petty and violent place at times (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) and as much as we want to avoid these things, they are sometimes necessary to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Hopefully one day we will live in a more peaceful world, but until then: know your power, even if you never use it. While it is always best to avoid fighting where possible, if the time comes: know thy warrior. You are witch. You are allowed to be powerful. Love is our most powerful energy, but sometimes we have to fight to protect it.

Warning: light a fire (e.g., a candle) at the start of this tarot reading and be sure to blow it out at the end. Use the flame to welcome your warrior and use the extinguishing to say goodbye to your warrior energy IF it is too much for you. As a witch it is always important to have a plan B.


  1. Your warrior energy at this moment in time.
  2. Your Shield. What energy can you draw on to protect yourself and others?
  3. Your Sword. What energy can you draw on to fight for what you believe in?
  4. Your strength as a warrior.
  5. Your weakness as a warrior – what to look out for.
  6. What are you fighting for? This is your life’s most important battle at this time.
  7. How does this fight help you? How does fighting this fight benefit your life?
  8. How does this fight help others? Not just others in this moment, but also others in generations to come. This may be the strength others (particularly other witches who are struggling) might seek from you.
  9. Why are you afraid of your warrior?
  10. What is blocking your warrior energy?
  11. Where is your courage?
  12. How to best channel your warrior energy in your life?
  13. What is the first action you can take to direct this warrior energy in your life?