Dark feminine lightening: Solar eclipse tarot 21st August 2017

  • Message from your dark feminine: The Lovers.
  • How can the dark feminine help you manifest your dreams, plans, and desires? The Tower.
  • How do you currently express your dark feminine in your personality? Knight of Wands.
  • How do you identify with the dark feminine? Five of Swords and The Hanged Man.
  • How do others see/react to your dark feminine? Two of Discs and The Devil.
  • How can the dark feminine help you understand your self-worth and break through any self-doubt and fears? The Magician and Death.
  • What medicine does the dark feminine have for you, the beloved? The Wheel of Fortune.
  • How can you best integrate and balance your masculine/feminine dark/light moon/sun anima/animus energies? Two of Cups.
  • How can you nurture your dark feminine? Ace of Cups and Ace of Wands.

Choose the divine. Love wild and love high. Choose you and choose what is right for your soul. Never, ever compromise your love, least of all love for yourself.

Let night and dark and fear and terror rip away at your foundations. Let everything you know fall in flames while you, you surpass all doubt and rise like the phoenix from the ashes. You can do this. You can let go. Stop holding on to those broken stones that will only burn your hands and steal your dreams. Let go and let the truth be born inside you.

You don’t need to hold fire, you are fire. You have lightening in your hands – the power to heal and the power to kill. What will you do with this magick? You know you wield it with precision and perfect intent. What will you do?

Stop. Fighting. Surrender. You are fighting your dark feminine. But there is no battle. Where you draw lines between light and shade, you are only severing yourself. And no matter how you exhaust yourself running, your dark feminine is still there, raw but wise and ready to help if you would just surrender. Don’t just walk into the dark and leave again, challenge yourself to walk into the dark and stay a while. Wait. Hold still. Let fear melt away and listen to the language of the roots, the dark stars, the worms, the grandmothers, and the ghosts. Heed their wisdoms and take the time to plant seeds of your own in this dark place, welcome the growth that she brings rather than denying her… denying you.

You are magick. That lightening in your hands has gifted you the ability to manifest and work the art of alchemy. No matter what the world throws at you, you survive, no, you thrive. Even though it may feel like the hardest battle on Earth… (Shh! I heard that. Stop comparing yourself to others and their pain. You have fought every day of your life, fought to live, fought to succeed, fought to be. At times it hurt, more than you can ever express to anyone. But you know what? The dark feminine knows. She not only hears you but she also understands you and your pain because she was right there with you when you were hurting, at times she even carried you. So stop denying your pain and stop denying her.) …Even though it may feel like the hardest battle on Earth, you’ve made it and you have succeeded in the divine’s eyes. But oh doesn’t that attract envy and jealousy. Other’s envy the way you live your life with such grace. Fuck them. But what about you? How have you internalized their envy and jealousy? Have you learned to shut down the power of your dark feminine so as not to ‘offend’?

The dark feminine offers you the magick of death to bust through your self-doubt and understand your self-worth. Be the architect of beautiful endings in your life. Learn to let go of poisonous beliefs fed to you by small, afraid people. Learn to celebrate endings that cut the binds on your soul. Learn to harness the power of transformation. Find the joy in chaos. Wade through the dark womb-like waters of creation. Bask in the balance of eternity. Do all of this because there is no need to be afraid any more. By accepting the magick of death you will see your life from the other side. This rare perspective will help you see your life for the delicious celebration it is. By coming to a place of pure compassion, empathy and detachment, you will let go of the last thing holding you and your magick down: a need for permission.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be here. You are breathing. You are alive. You are loved. You do not need permission to live or to strive. YOU are your right to be alive.

The dark feminine wants to give you your trust back. Fate, destiny and karma are all on your side. The universe supports you. Hear the dark feminine when she tells you it’s okay to take a break from running so hard every now and again, fate, destiny, luck are all very real vibrations and if you trust in them, they will trust in you. Let the universe hold you.

All the dark feminine asks for in return is love. She wants to see you excited, passionate, fulfilled and connected. For as you are love, she is love.


Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread: The heart light, the beloved, and the dark feminine.

New moons are generally about setting intentions and sowing seeds for new endeavors. This new moon eclipse lands on the heart-star of the Leo constellation. Leo is a fixed fire sign, often linked with ego, individuality, vivacity, courage, charisma, self-expression and spirit-fire – the ability to create and manifest directly from the soul. Those born under Leo, or heavily influenced by Leo often find that their lives are full of constant change, excitement, and love. Passionate, passionate love and beauty.

On the 21st of August at 15:46 UTC there will be a solar eclipse on the Leo new moon. (It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still work with the solar eclipse energy.) There is a disruption in the energies flowing on this date. The Sun, the masculine, the fire, the extroverted will be cast into shadow when the Leo New Moon glides into view, blanketing the world in soft dark and opening up direct and conscious communication to the dark feminine energies.

This is a rare event as indicated by her name: the ‘dark’ feminine. It is rare that she steps forward, ready to expose herself to the light in this way. But now is the time of miracles, magick, and chaos. Now is the time to lead with the heart.

The dark feminine is here on this date to talk about your heart-light: what lights up your heart? Where is your passion? How do you express it? How do you nurture it? How do you manifest… from the heart?

This will be a rare opportunity to commune directly with the feline dark feminine, heart to heart, and explore a rarely discussed element of her power: How can the dark feminine become manifest in your every day to help support your self-expression and feel your worth in this world?

How can she heal and boost your heart-light and help you understand your ABSOLUTELY fundamental right to exists in this world?

Where does the dark feminine sit in your ego? How can she help you achieve your goals for the next three years? Every minute of darkness corresponds to a year of influence.

It is not unusual for the energies to become somewhat chaotic during a solar eclipse. Use this chaos. The air is ripe with love, magick and possibilities for change. It is a time of miracles. Look at who you are, your identity and your beliefs. If you want to change, set your intentions now. If you want to improve or strengthen who you are, set your intentions now. If you want to incorporate more of the dark feminine into your identity, set your intentions now. The dark feminine is here to help and the solar eclipse on this Leo new moon will supercharge any intentions you set. You are a work of art. Create yourself just as you would any other artwork. It is okay to be selfish at times. You are allowed to be beautiful. You have a right to be here. You have a right to claim your destiny. You are brilliant. You are a miracle. Own it. Remember: by owning who you are and living with wild compassion, you encourage others to do the same. Take pride in your pride of sisters and brothers by living fearlessly from your heart. Love is contagious.

If you feel ready to open that door of communication with the dark feminine at this auspicious time, here is a spread that may help. But be aware, the feline aspect of dark feminine rarely pulls punches, and certainly not during an eclipse.

  • Message from your dark feminine.
  • How can the dark feminine help you manifest your dreams, plans, and desires?
  • How do you currently express your dark feminine in your personality?
  • How do you identify with the dark feminine?
  • How do others see/react to your dark feminine?
  • How can the dark feminine help you understand your self-worth and break through any self-doubt and fears?
  • What medicine does the dark feminine have for you, the beloved?
  • How can you best integrate and balance your masculine/feminine dark/light moon/sun anima/animus energies?
  • How can you nurture your dark feminine?

After you finish this spread pamper yourself as you reflect, perhaps with a long, rose oil bath. Then, if you really want to kick off your manifestations, create a spell jar and place a potted rose plant on top of it. As the plant grows and breathes, it will supercharge your intentions and invite the dark feminine, the luscious Luna energies, and deep magick to co-create a powerful future and a powerful you.

21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread
21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread



Daily Tarot 14th August 2017: Shape up your magick and love.

Mary-El Tarot Spread
Mary-El Tarot Spread

How do you use your magick to overcome conflict? How do you use your magick to make the hard decisions and take the actions needed to ensure that everyone is cared for?

Do you use your innate ability to draw down the moon and the stars to illuminate the ancient, forgotten, and future mysteries? Do you brew magick in your womb? Do you birth it and share it freely? Do you trust the dark?

Do you trust that every conflict is another chance for you to learn more about yourself, others, and your place in the world? To reaffirm your place in the world? Do you trust conflict to gift you with the opportunity to extend your creative thinking and find new paths forward? Do you trust conflict is a normal part of growth? Do you trust yourself to get through any conflict that comes your way? Do you trust conflict to shape you?

You are powerful. Do you use this power? Do you keep that sword on the mantle, or do you know how to swing it?

How are you going to feel and express love today? Love is the backbone of the universe. It is always there. If you ever forget or doubt that, step into nature or spend time with those you love. Don’t lose perspective, small time love has a big time impact.

You have big magick. Use your magick. Walk through conflict with grace and eyes open. Be powerful. Take action. Love.

Switch off and switch on. The relationship between social media and the witch.

I am slowly returning from my impromptu social media hiatus. For those of you who don’t know I live with health issues, a brain tumor to be precise. As such, self-care is a priority at all times. So is the knowledge that I can step away from the internet and social media at any time.

In an era that seems to revolve around likes, favorites, notifications, and follower counts, it is important to know you can disengage from this ‘digital race to nowhere’… and realize that the world won’t collapse if you don’t log in for a few days. This knowledge became more pertinent for me over the last few weeks as during this time I started working with a number of clients who are dealing with addictions.

I’m rarely so sick that I have to stop work, but taking periodic breaks from the internet is key to preserving my health and the strength of my magick. Working as a cyber-witch can attract a lot of hungry energies. This is not unusual. A lot of people only seek out witches in times of urgency, upset, and need. It is my charge to welcome every client with the upmost care and compassion… and wisdom. Wisdom includes healthy boundaries and clear-headedess. My self-care is also an act of caring for my clients. I can’t talk about healthy boundaries if I don’t enforce them myself.

Self-care probably should be a priority most of the time for everyone. When you are caring for yourself you are less likely to operate from a place of lack and anger. It is also easier to empathize and think logically when you are feeling balanced and supported. Not to mention magick flows a lot easier.

On average I do several tarot readings a day and a few mojo workings through the week. I am also a full time writer and emerging sculptress/medicine doll-maker. Social media is not a high importance in my line of work. It is lovely to connect with clients, other witches and friends, but it is not a priority. While this may be seen as foolhardy in the eyes of business promotion, some things are more important than money.

We know excessive screen time and sitting isn’t healthy. We know that the internet and many of the social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook actually leave us feeling worse after we have been on them (even if they are pleasantly distracting at the time.) The internet can become an addiction. Even the average user reports lower levels of self-esteem and happiness after being online. This is because many of the social media apps are designed to make us competitive with others. That is the emotional buy in – envy. Not a very healthy energy to be around on a daily basis. Unplugging helps short-circuit emotional dependence developing.

The Internet can be amazing and wonderful, it can also be very draining in and of itself. It is a super-highway of information and people. For an introvert like me, this level and speed of data can be overwhelming, even in the digital form. I can feel a physical wave of relief wash over me when I switch off for the day.

Taking a break from social media, whether forced or not is an important act of self-care.

Whether I am here posting daily or taking a social media break, my Etsy store is always open and functioning. Magick and art don’t stop even if the notifications do.

When was the last time you switched off? How does the internet impact your personal magick, for good and for bad?


Wild Compassion Weaver Tarot Spread: Let your darkness shine.

Wild Compassion Weaver Tarot

What are you afraid of? Really afraid of? What is it that you can’t look at? What is it the haunts the corner of your dreams? That is your wild compassion. That is the darkness in you that needs the love. By facing these fears you will find the ripest root of your wild compassion.

The strength of your wild compassion is your ability to create. In your love lives the ability to manifest anything and everything, even loving light to warm the cold byways of your fears.

But who, what is your vulnerability? Is it the ‘sucessful and ambitious’ image of yourself that you need to uphold? Or is it your nemesis, jealousy? Is there someone, a certain people that raise your ire because you want to be like them, instead of loving your own brilliance? Is envy easier than shadowwork?

It is time to fall madly in love with that side of yourself that is all about action, grounding and doing. There is no more room for fear of failure, success or whatever other people think. DO and enjoy the process.

From this grounded place of wild compassion you will come to love the process of chaos you now find yourself in. You will see the breakages as lines of light, the grief and relief and in that state, you will come to embrace the unknown and find what you have always been looking for: trust.

Leo New Moon: Wild Compassion Tarot Spread

Wild compassion is the art of fully loving yourself and others whilst being fully connected to yourself and nature. Wild compassion is limitless and fierce. It is a combination of body, heart and soul. It stems from and returns to nature thus, not draining. As you give wild compassion to others, you also give it to yourself. Wild compassion is akin to the Strength tarot card – a combination of spirit and wild. Our spirit can tame or release the wild because it loves and understands the wild just as it is – no judgment. Why judge a lion for being a lion? It is wasted energy. But understanding, love, and compassion are never wasted. Wild compassion is an innate strength we are all born with: an ability to love from the very center of our being.

However, Wild compassion is as powerful and healing as it is confronting and scary. Maybe you don’t feel capable of wild compassion, or worthy of it. Perhaps the idea of being so wild in your love and connecting that to your instincts and primal nature scares you. Maybe it scares you because like with everything, there are wounds and/or vulnerabilities in our wild compassionate natures. Or perhaps you have been taught the body and spirit are separate and therefore, the body is a shameful thing and not to be connected to so wildly or even so lovingly. Even if… Even IF the body is merely a vehicle for the soul, doesn’t that mean it is innately connected to and supporting the soul? That it’s role is pivotal in keeping your soul moving and deserved of love, too?

There is a place for the body, the soul, the heart, the wild, and the compassionate. So, where is your wild compassion? What are its strengths and vulnerabilities? Using the power of this Leo new moon on the 23rd of July 2017 how can you start nurturing your wild compassionate nature, and what area of your life could use more wild compassion?

Fox Tarot Spread: Guide to joy

Fox Tarot Spread
Fox Tarot Spread

What have to done to fill the well? You might not like it, but securing your energy is on you. Some people will gift you energy, some people will take. It is just the way of the world. But securing your energy is down to you. So what have you done? Have you looked at the ways you give away your energy? Have you looked at the ways you rely on others for energy? Have you looked towards yourself and the universe and asked: what is my relationship to energy? Or have to been to scared to look at all and just forged ahead hoping for the best? Relying on the old adage that the universe always balances out?

If you truly want to secure your energy, your fulfillment, your love, happiness and creativity to a point where you feel confident in yourself and trusting in the Universe, you have to do the work. It is time to look at your relationship to energy, happiness and inspiration and look at where it comes from – for you. The source of energy is different for everyone. Everyone has their own spirit guide to joy, their inner fool, their inner fox… Who is yours? Have you met them yet? Have you asked them what they need to feel secure in the world? Once you know this you can work towards a healthier relationship with energy.

Energy is eternal. But so is change. Don’t get complacent. Own it. Live it.

Daily Tarot 16th July: Dark Jewels

High Priestess Tarot Video
High Priestess Tarot Video

We’re in the dark, can you feel it? The soft embrace of the shadows? The long shadow of the labyrinth? Although the ground is unstable and the way unclear, she comes with gifts. The High Priestess is asking you to make peace with the unknown and center. Stop rushing. You can’t outrun the shadows, but you can find love and strength there. This is a chance to master your fear, open your third eye and see Nyx in all her glory. Pluck the stars from the shrouded sky like jewel and line your heart with them, so if you ever find yourself in the dark again, you will have no reason to fear because the light of the divine-self lives in your chest, guiding your way.

Are you an artist? If so, what are you afraid of? The High Priestess sits with you today to answer your questions. Listen.

Daily Weaver Tarot 14th July: The shaman spread. Free yourself from yourself.

Combined Tarot Spreads

You are the Shaman of your life, you control the light, the dark, the balance… Don’t let others take that control from you. Other people, other energies, other yous…. Yes, other yous.


All the should and ideals that live in your head are blocking you. They feed your fears. They block you from doing your shadow work and harnessing your shadows to enrich and empower your life.


Let go.


Listen to your most primal instincts and your ancient knowings. You know what I am talking about – the truths you feel but don’t want to know because they will force you to act, to walk away from the banal and the traditional. Face the terror of the primal Sphinx that lives within you, sit with her riddles, shift through her forms, and let yourself be extravagant and wild and delve into that which you have been afraid of.


Love your fears.


Own your fears.


Give them a home in your chest and watch them grow into something unimaginably beautiful, while feeling yourself grow beyond the limits you placed on yourself.


By sitting in the dark you will find you are shining your brightest. By practicing this shamanic state, you will grow strong, strong enough to face ANY negative force that enters your life with confidence and love.

Daily Tarot 12th of July: Seeds of pain, sun and death.

Muse Seed Spread Weaver Tarot Daily
Muse Seed Spread Weaver Tarot Daily

Your muse wants to know where you have planted that see of pain? Or have you planted it at all? Are you standing on the threshold, clutching that seed of hurt too scared to put into the earth and see what will become? Are you attached to your grief and pain? Your muse and your guide is urging you to let go and be brave. Take that seed of pain and plant it. Allow yourself to move through the emotions that you have been denying for so long. Your tears will water the soil at your feet and in time, what was your pain will shed its outer skin and burst forth, bright and warm and beautiful. You will see that even your wounds carry great gifts and potential. If you are an artist, let the pain and endings come, your muse will feed on them and transform them into stunning creations. Some of our greatest works and achievements happen in the dark. The dark can be what forces us to shine our brightest.