The power of a question.



Over the last week there has been two themes: high emotions and reactive questions.

There is a reason tarot readers often find it hard to read for themselves: emotionality. Feelings and personal biases can get in the way of the truth. But most tarot readers are wise enough to not consult the tarot in the heat of the moment or when emotions are running high.

Most people only make contact with tarot readers when there is a crisis or they need to make a decision. However, sometimes people contact tarot readers when their emotions are running high, or right as the crisis is happening. This is not always wise. I am not telling you it is wrong, more providing a warning as to what you can expect when you do this.

The way I work with tarot is quite psychological in many ways as I am Jungian trained. I try to gear my readings towards encouraging you to take control, feel empowered, and find solutions or, at least a way to healthily sit with whatever it is you are going through. However, I also channel spirit when I read the tarot. Spirit often delivers tough love and deals only in the truth.

When emotional, we usually ask the key questions, the questions that are at the heart of our pain: Did he cheat? Is she lying? Do they love me? Will I have children? Am I haunted? Are they possessed? Should I divorce? The list goes on. While these questions are valid, if they are motivated by anger or desperation they can be painful.

These are important questions but timing is also important. I rarely turn anyone away in tarot but I do check in with them if ‘now’ is the time to ask these questions. Sometimes self-care is knowing when to stop.

If you are in the peak of anxiety or distress, or if a crisis has just occurred, sometimes consulting the tarot is not the best way to care for yourself because the spirits won’t lie, and I don’t sugar coat. That is not to say I deliver my readings without compassion, but no matter how much empathy and understanding I couch my readings in there is no nice way to confirm that you are being cheated on etc. Hearing this news when you are already hurting can be unhelpful in that moment, extremely distressing even dangerous. This is why I am always very careful with my clients in distress.

Also, many people come to the tarot looking for consolation and comfort (even if they tell themselves that they want the truth.) Although a question is important, once you read the truthful answer, there is no way to unread it. And the truth is not always comforting.

The spirits can be wrong and I am not advocating ignorance is bliss, but just… think carefully and be sure that the time it right. I will do my best to support you in your journey, but truth is truth. Always ask yourself, ‘If I ask this, and it is true, what will I do?’ How will it help you? If it will upset you, how will you care for yourself? Why do you need this truth? Do you already know the answer? Is asking this question now the best way to care for myself?

Ace of Wands: Gentle Fire.


As some of you already know I have been a bit quiet on the social media front because my jaw was dislocated. So much fun. Anyway, it has meant silence, rest, and soup for a good week now. I have about six more weeks of healing to go. And of course, I am leaving for my three-month trip to the USA and Canada next week. The Universe really does like testing me on occasion.

My store and social media will be running as per usual and I will be sharing my journey with my followers.

However, despite the silence on social media I have still been hard at work reading tarot and working mojo etc. I even managed to finish my novel (after three years!) this week. Some very interesting themes have come up during this time, but today I will stick with one.

Ace of Wands. The Ace of Wands has been coming up a lot for me which had been interesting considering I have had to be quiet and restful. But this has given me a chance to explore ‘quiet fire’.

In this time, I have finished my novel and thus had more energy for other things. While a lot of this energy has been focused on healing, my business has started booming and so have new magical connections. One connection has been with an enigmatic forest-witch. When we talk alchemy happens and new dimensional doors open allowing deep, dark, lush magick to flow through. The other connection has been with Spirit, my dreams have been bold and lucid and the ghosts have been having a grand old time making themselves known this month but they, along with tarot, have taught me about ‘quiet fire’.

The Ace of Wands is often read as an explosion of energy ready to be channelled into Herculean tasks. It often comes with restlessness and action. I am reflecting on my current experience of it because I noted it can also come as a small, flickering flame of inspiration that gently draws new people and ideas to you. It cradles you in a warm heat that is healing and uplifting and allows you to feel safe enough to open to this new light, new ways of seeing, these new ideas, people and spirits. Like many Eucalypts, I am a seed that needed the fire to open me and nurse me into sprouting in a new direction.

I’ve been so sore and quiet, but at the same time I have been aware of this little flickering flame I’ve needed to nurture, because in return it has nurtured me filling my world with a soft glowing magick and guiding me towards new paths.

What I have taken from this is that tarot is alive, fluid, and sensitive to our needs. The time was right for new ideas and fire, both to cleanse and renew. But the tarot and spirit knew not to bowl me over with fire. I am holding onto the wand and using it to help me walk while following the ember being offered by spirit. Tarot is tough love, tarot is truth, tarot is harmony.

Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse Tarot Spread: Ares Warrior Energy

Warrior Energy

This spread has been brewing for some time. It was originally going to be presented as the Mabon tarot spread, but the energy didn’t feel right and I wasn’t strong enough to channel it. But now we are coming up to the Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse and the warrior energy is raring to go. And when I say warrior, I mean WARRIOR: Ares.

Yes, I am aware most witches on this path will warn you off working with Ares, so if you aren’t comfortable working with him or in this area then this spread is not for you. And that is okay. It is important you only follow the aspects of the path you are comfortable with.

Today’s reading is about connecting with your own inner warrior, that part of you that is both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Ares was powerful in battle but had a fragile ego, yet he was father to the Amazons, Harmonia (harmony), Eros (love/Cupid) as well as a plethora of war deities. This he is associated with warrior energy, victory, humiliation, power, passion, love, and conflict. He is violence and fire, an unfriendly but necessary energy that we all harbor, but many of us are afraid of because we either fear ourselves or, we have been taught it is wrong to connect with this side of ourselves. Let me just clear something up: it’s not wrong.

The ability to fight for what is right, what is yours, and respond with all the power you have to protect others is never wrong. It is true that compared to Athena, Ares energy is more out of control and dangerous, however there are times in our lives where we need that berserker energy. And considering it is an energy that resides in us regardless, it is at least wise to look at that aspect of our spirit/personality so we are aware of it when it comes to the surface and either channel it accordingly, or tell it to sit the fuck down. Know thyself also applies to know thy scary self.

There are no inherently bad energies (note: I am excluding evil from this discussion.) There are just bad ways of handling energy. Nuclear power can be used for good and bad, the same with warrior energy.

Ares is typically associated with red, Mars, fire, black dogs and rams. It is here we see the link to the Aries Super Blood Full Moon Luna Eclipse. Luna Eclipses are often about endings and change. Blood moons are symbolic of death and endings as the Wheel of the Year turns towards Winter. Aries is about passion, action, mind, championship, stubbornness, and energy. It is also the sign of new beginnings, and all these energies will be amplified under the Super Moon. As such, it is a perfect time to look at your warrior, at what is worth fighting for, and what is worth letting go of. Get to know where your volcanic power and passion comes from so you can work with it in a productive and exciting way.

This is heavy work but important work, especially for those witches who work publicly. It is not always easy to be ‘out’ as a witch. The old stereotypes still exist. It is still a death sentence to be outed as a witch in some cultures. And like any path, witches can be witches worst enemies. So knowing how to protect yourself, fight for what is right, and protect others is essential if you are doing this work publicly. All witches are warriors.

Under the power of this Full Moon is the time to wield your warrior energy to make a clean break from what is harming you or no longer serving you. It is time to take a chance and follow your passion – don’t just think about it, take action, even the smallest act will get the ball rolling. Keep moving: dance, sing, run, walk, anything to help balance the surge of energy that will come with this moon. Be careful not to make any rash decisions and keep a check on your emotions. It is also a fantastic time to cut ties, petition your Gods/Goddesses of choice, and start a whole new adventure. Fire is your best friend at this time; burn to break ties and burn to send your petitions skywards. Also, keep an eye out for anyone who is struggling and offer a shield arm if they need protection. Even if you’re feeling exhausted I can promise you that your inner warrior ALWAYS has an extra volcanic push of energy to save the day. Always.

Ares Tarot Spread: Making Peace with your Warrior.

The time has come: no more abandoning yourself mid battle. Stand up for what you believe both for yourself and for those around you. Not all battles are grand and public, some battles are quiet and unseen – such as the battle to keep breathing every day. But all battles are worthy of the same respect and understanding. So, whatever your battle let your warrior help you.

People may tell you that war, fighting, violence, fighting, fire etc., are ‘bad’, but life is a petty and violent place at times (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) and as much as we want to avoid these things, they are sometimes necessary to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Hopefully one day we will live in a more peaceful world, but until then: know your power, even if you never use it. While it is always best to avoid fighting where possible, if the time comes: know thy warrior. You are witch. You are allowed to be powerful. Love is our most powerful energy, but sometimes we have to fight to protect it.

Warning: light a fire (e.g., a candle) at the start of this tarot reading and be sure to blow it out at the end. Use the flame to welcome your warrior and use the extinguishing to say goodbye to your warrior energy IF it is too much for you. As a witch it is always important to have a plan B.


  1. Your warrior energy at this moment in time.
  2. Your Shield. What energy can you draw on to protect yourself and others?
  3. Your Sword. What energy can you draw on to fight for what you believe in?
  4. Your strength as a warrior.
  5. Your weakness as a warrior – what to look out for.
  6. What are you fighting for? This is your life’s most important battle at this time.
  7. How does this fight help you? How does fighting this fight benefit your life?
  8. How does this fight help others? Not just others in this moment, but also others in generations to come. This may be the strength others (particularly other witches who are struggling) might seek from you.
  9. Why are you afraid of your warrior?
  10. What is blocking your warrior energy?
  11. Where is your courage?
  12. How to best channel your warrior energy in your life?
  13. What is the first action you can take to direct this warrior energy in your life?


Sculpture Medicine Dolls. Willow Quartz Spirit Garden: For connecting with your ancestral magick.

Willow Quartz Spirit Garden: For connecting with your ancestral magick.

$120.00 USD plus postage.

Approximately 5 inches by 6 inches.

Materials: clay, Willow, Quartz, Kyanite, Jasmine, acrylics and inks, and twine.

Ancestors move through the in-between, the places where things connect and fall apart, the places where things come to be born and lay down to die, the lines between the shadow and the light. They move in circles and they sit in circles.

Through time and across dimensions they travel in threes seeing more than speaking and following the thread of their magick and the sparks of life that carry it. They come to watch you and your magick. They come to love, to help, to serve and to teach. They also come to heal.

So many magickal connections have been burnt or lost along the way; sometimes it was through natural attrition over time, sometimes it was through the corrosion of shame or violence. But while the connections may have been maimed, they were never severed.

Here the ancestors sit in a garden of paradox. The willow duff is dead and rotting but from it rises crystal fires, eternal blooms, and ancestral hands and souls; a silent summoning of healing. They emerge from the dark like beautiful fungi – the Universe’s natural internet for magick.

This small piece of in between-ness is where ancestral alchemy begins. As you sit at its base of this garden, your ancestors will come and sit beside you; your crone grandmothers, your druid fathers, your weaving mothers, your wizard brothers, and your witch sisters – anyone who carries and nurtures the same thread of magick that you do will come to whisper, laugh, heal, and teach. They will help you discover and strengthen your own personal magick. They will help keep you safe and hold you as you unlearn all the lies that keep you ashamed and bound. They will help free you and connect you with your ancestral magic on a deeper level. They are your catalyst for meeting with your elders beyond the veil.

This piece is perfect for altars but if you choose to sleep with it by your bed, you will be safe but you will probably lucid dream. Although ancient, these energies are vibrating high and are eager to work and connect across time, space and dimensions. These are ancestral elders with a whole lotta jazz.

Tarot Reading: The Dark Mother Wound

Mary-El Tarot and Darklings by Mel Mossbones.

The Dark Mother comes to you on this day as Death: loss, transition, and change. You may not recognize her but you will feel her. The shadow on your heart will be slow and creeping – heavy. Then all of a sudden, just as you think you can’t breathe anymore, you will feel light. The shroud of sorrow will be lifted and you will feel a sense of freedom as the wheel turns and you step onto the next part of the journey. The Dark Mother’s skeletal hand is gentle and ready to help peel away your old skin so you can emerge beautiful, healed and free. Her dark hand will bring balance and love, even if at the time it feels like sorrow.


Your Dark Mother wound is the simple belief you have to do it all on your own. It’s true, you can do it all on your own, BUT you don’t have to. You can ask for help. You can trust your sisters to be there for you. You can also trust the Dark Mother to hold and embrace you, all you need to do is give yourself permission to rest… and permission to be held by someone else.


To embrace the Dark Mother light your own fire, celebrate all of those hidden parts of yourself that you love and give you power. The Dark Mother wants you to shine; so celebrate, create, cast magick, chase your goals – just do whatever will bring you happiness. Stop waiting, stop procrastinating, and more than anything: don’t fear. Draw on the Dark Mother’s love and power and trust that there is no reason to fear living a fully authentically life. You may wish to share this publicly or keep it private, it doesn’t matter so long as you experience the heat and glow of your own soul. That is all the Dark Mother wants and that is what she is here to help nurture. And if in that process you find there is an old wound or pain that needs to be released?  Scream, dance, sing or exercise it out. You don’t have to carry it anymore.


One of the main things blocking many peoples’ connection to the Dark Mother is fear and social conditioning. Tradition, social acceptance, and the hive mind are all structures that not only help uphold our beliefs, but also work to keep out the Dark Mother and all her power, wrath, and love. The Dark Mother is a force almost second to none in the Universe, as such a lot of people, traditions, and groups fear her and seek to deny her, even shame her. But this is largely because of misunderstanding. The Dark Mother is here to nurture everyone. Her energy can be scary and overwhelming but it is never without mercy, compassion or justice. Regardless, her power doesn’t diminish if we choose to stop believing in it or turn away from her. A mother’s love never stops. If you take nothing else from today’s reading just know that the most powerful energy and being in the Universe loves you.


Let the Dark Mother nurture and guide you inwards to face your own Devils and thwart them. The Dark Mother is the perfect companion to walk the shadows with. Her love will protect you as much as it will challenge you. While it may be scary and uncomfortable at times she will never let you get out of your depth, but she also won’t coddle you. A mother’s love can be a tough love and she will work to bring out not only your light but your power. Trust her to help you venture into the shadows and face those demons that have you bound, then channel her fury and destroy them, breaking your bonds.


How to start honoring and working with the Dark Mother wound: commit to yourself. Commit to learning, working, striving, and mastering yourself. Show up for those activities that fill you with love and inspire wisdom and just keep working. If there is something you have been dreaming of starting – a new career, a new course, new magicks, something in the arts, or even new ways of taking care of yourself — now is the time to start. If you point the way, the Dark Mother will show up and lend you her fire and love. The Dark Mother wants to co-create with you to help you achieve your goals and to make sure you learn as much as you can along the way. She is the ultimate barrier/blockage buster and with the Dark Mother at your side you will find your chosen path to be easier than ever before.


It may be hard at times; sorrow and pain may hold you back and make it feel like it is all too hard, and that is okay, it is okay to rest if you need. The Dark Mother will hold you in those times, but the Dark Mother will also be the one to kick your ass and get you going again because more than anything she wants to see you live, love, and shine without fear.


To help honor and work with the Dark Mother wound, love yourself as she would love you and chase down your dreams, master your life, yourself and feel the power. Let your pain transform into power.

Virgo Dark Moon Tarot Spread: The Dark Mother Wound.

Seeking Ground by Pearl Whitecrow


Tomorrow’s dark moon will be under the sign of Virgo which is ruled by Demeter. Many look to her as the archetypal mother but like most images of the mother she is most commonly looked to in her fertile stage, after she has been reunited with her daughter Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades. However, her mythos also tells of the darker side of motherhood.

(To be clear, when I talk of ‘Mother’ I don’t only refer to women who have had children. We all mother in various ways. We mother ourselves. We mother those we love. We mother our creations. Children do not define whether or not you have the mother energy in and with you. The capacity to mother the self is one of life’s essential skills.)

The Dark Mother is the Mother who is most often denied. She doesn’t fit to the sanitized stereotypes of motherhood. The Dark Mother is the mother rage, the mother loss, the mother wound, the utter loss and despair than can come from being a mother… and the exhaustion. It is mother gone barren and yet finding her power in that loss. It is mourning. It is the darkness. It is the energy that persists no matter what, neither time or space can stop the Dark Mother’s love.

No one would wish the Mother wounds on anyone, but the wounds are real and held in secret by many because just like the Dark Mother it is often not acceptable to talk about them. But the Dark Mother Wounds exist and deserve to be honored and healed in whatever way we can manage. Even if all you can manage is sitting with that wound and honoring it, that will offer more healing that you will ever know.

These wounds may be related to your own mother, there could be a wound within your own mothering energy (an inability to mother yourself.) You may have a wound in your connection with the Great Mother: Earth. Your Dark Mother wound may be a loss of a child or the loss of ability to have children. Your Dark Mother wound could be a loss of your own mother. A Dark Mother wound can even simply difficulty in dealing with the Dark Mother energy because it can be overwhelming. A Dark Mother wound could be the feeling that you don’t have the right to express your rage and sorrow because it is not ‘ladylike’.

The Dark Mother is everywhere – just as present as the ‘traditional’ face of the mother and just as ready to help and heal, albeit in different ways and respects to the traditional face of the ‘mother’, but just as important. She is a powerful force of nature, relentless and ferocious in her pursuit of love. It is perhaps here that we start to fully understand the saying that there is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love because it never stops, is always there, and even in the most hopeless hour will surge forward and move mountains to secure love… and you. And yes, she will resort to violence to keep you safe if needed. Simple facts.

Not all of us have Dark Mother wounds but for those of us who do, this spread may help you start to explore and heal that wound.



Plant Medicine for Today: Jasmine, The Moon Flower

The plant medicine that came forward for this weekend was Jasmine. Jasmine is sometimes referred to as the Goddess flower or the Moon Flower – it’s scent is strongest at night.

Jasmine is a gentle but powerful plant; she whispers ancient magick in honeyed tones of silk.

Jasmine’s magick include; purity, spiritual love, sensuality, beauty, prophesy, creativity and luck.

It is one of the strongest feminine plants and often comes when you need to strengthen your connection to the feminine spirit, not just within yourself but globally. This includes connecting with the feminine spirit within the males around you.

It both blesses and warns of prophesy. Sleeping with Jasmine under your pillow or burning in your bedroom will usher in prophetic dreams. However, Jasmine also warns you to mind the words you cast onto the air because they have the power to shape the future. Keep note of your dreams over the next week – even the smallest detail. Any and all small dream details will come in handy when you least expect it, especially when it comes to making decisions.

To attract more love and luck into your life consider getting some Jasmine oil and diluting it in olive oil and dressing your wrists in it this week. You may also consider putting some fresh or dry jasmine in your work space and under your pillow.

Jasmine is also one of the rare herbs that can be used to recharge crystals – just like moonlight. Quartz and Jasmine are a particularly powerful magickal combination.

Witchcraft as fashion.

Debate is heating up again over the use of witchcraft as a fashion statement, (see the article by Sirin Kale.)

One side of the argument is that witchcraft should not be used as a fashion statement because it dishonors the heart of the craft and trivializes the traditions. Some consider it cultural appropriation. It can also be dangerous.

The other side of the argument is that witchcraft is an inherently beautiful and diverse tradition and should be celebrated in any way people see fit. Witchcraft has had hundreds of years of bad press. Celebrating our traditions through fashion is seen as preferable to witch trials and burnings.

I sit in between these two arguments. I have absolutely no problem with people treating witchcraft as a fashion inspiration. This is not a new situation, witchcraft has been a fashion inspiration for many pop culture programs, famous designers and artists (examples are listed in the article.)

I looked at the Instagrams mentioned in the article; The Hoodwitch and Fay Nowitz. They are very pretty but I fail to see any real ‘depth’ of work going on in their feeds. But that is my opinion and I certainly don’t begrudge them their choices. Indeed, I am quite tempted to buy some of their jewellery and their photos are beautiful.

Some people argue that turning witchcraft into a superficial commodity will dilute the traditions and put people off. I argue the opposite. These traditions have survived since the dawn of time. The thread won’t be broken by a few fashion trends. We have suffered much worse. Also, witch as fashion will make it more acceptable for people to experiment with witchcraft and see if it suits them. It may in fact bring more practicing witches into the fold. Some people will go on to discover and fall in love with the deeper and richer aspects of the tradition. Others will stay with simply enjoying the aesthetic. Both are entirely valid choices and directions.

In my mind witchcraft as fashion invites more people to explore the beauty of the craft and makes it more acceptable. I think with any movement, tradition, culture, community etc., people understand that there are those who work deeper with the energies and those who are simply attracted to the energies. Where problems emerge is when people who are not doing the study, deeper shadow and community work start trying to practice as witches and get themselves in trouble.

As an example, the symbols etc., incorporated by these fashion designers and Instagram witches all have real meanings and real world affects. They can invite energies in that are hard to control and unless the person/witch knows what it happening it can cause all manner of chaos from simple bad luck to mental health issues. It becomes even more problematic if they are taking on clients.

But there has always been charlatans and uneducated practitioners. Just as there has always been those witches who quietly toil in the background, serving and learning. I suggest that by limiting our judgement and keeping communication open there will be greater chance of learning, sharing and community between all the different types of witches. This means that if one of our own gets into trouble either through ignorance or just bad luck, they will have sisters there ready to help and teach.

Live and let live. Enjoy beauty of this tradition responsibility. There is room for us all.



Pisces Full Moon Meditation/Cord Cutting and Tarot. In the deep: Wield your beauty.

The Pisces full Moon is one I always look forward to. It is a time of dreams, spirit, beauty, grace, and deep feeling. Magick is literally in the air. However, Pieces can also be associated with being overwhelmed, dissociation, denial, impulsivity and more disastrously – rumination.

Pisces is also the final sign in the Zodiac as such it is also associated with endings and evolution. As such, even though it may seem counter intuitive, the Pisces full Moon is the perfect time for releasing and cleansing.

I am now going to share a loving approach to cord cutting.

I have always considered that the original cord cutting was quite violent. By cutting cords you are not only leaving a wound in yourself from where you cut, but the cord itself is left flying through the air. There are various ways of solving these two issues, but that is a lot of extra work and cord cutting is an intense process without these extra issues.

The following is a meditation I have been working on for a while. It will probably always be in development. It isn’t prescriptive, feel free to make it your own. This meditation is for releasing and cleansing with love – whether you need to release a person, an idea, a situation, a memory… whatever it is that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Wait until it is night then, under the Pisces full Moon find a quiet place and make it beautiful. Perhaps it is a small circle of candles and crystals. Perhaps it is your bed with fresh linen and your cat. Perhaps it is in a dark corner of the forest somewhere near midnight. You define your standards of beauty, not society. Reclaim your beauty.

The reason why this is so important is because beauty is your power. Beauty is often an underrated power. Beauty has been considered selfish or superficial. This is wrong. Beauty brings us peace and helps express essential elements of ourselves. Wield your beauty.

Now, imagine yourself in the ocean, rocking slowly with the waves. The water is warm and the Moon is full. Whale songs are in the air and sand shifts between your toes. The mermaids are splashing. This ocean is all the richness and power of water. It is life and it is love. Yemaya is all around. Holding you.

Now invite what or whoever it is that you want to release to join you in these waters, it may even be a part of yourself or your past. Invite them to bathe and enjoy the beauty. Be in this space of beauty and love, together. Right now you are just two souls, two lights bouncing on the waves.

When it feels right, visualize whatever connection it is between you – a cord, a web, a light… it can be anything. If you need to say anything to the person now is the time.

The waves are warm and charged with love, the magick of the Goddess and the moon shine along the rolling surface. The waves rock back and forth and slowly, eroding any unhealthy connection, both breaking the bond and cleansing it at the same time. The salt water will also help close, heal, and cauterize any wounds left behind. The waters will heal and support you. When you eventually leave this ocean you will be free, healed, cleansed, and replenished.

Once the erosion is complete, invite the other person or object to leave. Ask that the Yemaya see them safely home.

Now is your time.

Perhaps now you feel the need to fully immerse yourself in the waters, wash yourself entirely and emerge anew. Fresh and reinvigorated. Does the surface of the water show you anything? Do the whales speak in a tongue you can understand? Can you feel the moonlight sinking into your bones and lighting you up as the water gently massages your skin and runs through the strands of your hair? You are clean, whole, safe, loved and free.

Take whatever time you need but at the end be sure to give back to the ocean. Perhaps visualize yourself feeding a sea animal or setting flowers on the water for Yemaya.

The cords are gone. You are healed. Not a blade in sight.

Wield your gentleness and your beauty wisely. Be strong in your softness. Love.

Two simple tarot spreads that you might like to do at the end of this process are the following:

Flowing with the deep:


  • 1) The barrier between you and the deep dreaming water magicks.
  • 2) How to connect safely and easily with the deep dreaming water magicks.
  • 3) The message from the deep dreaming water magicks.



Reclaiming beauty:


  • 1) Your beauty.
  • 2) Challenges to working with your beauty energy.
  • 3) How to wield your beauty wisely.
  • 4) How to nurture your beauty.
  • 5) How beauty nurtures you.




Daily Tarot September 1st 2017 : Cycles of Wealth

Today’s tarot card is the Six of Pentacles.

I refer to this card as the card of cycles.

Prosperity, whether it be health, money, work, security etc., is an absolutely vital aspect of human existence. It is the first need that needs to be filled in Maslow’s hierarchy. We all need a roof over our head and food on our table. When our security is under threat is causes untold stress. And stress equals blockages. That is usually where the cycle of prosperity can get blocked.

Stress and worry about security is normal and certainly not something to beat yourself up over. When the foundations of our material life are threatened it is the normal human response to panic. However, getting stuck in a fearful mindset can block you from seeing opportunities and thinking creatively. Fear can freeze you and lock you into a mindset of lack.

The Six of Pentacles reminds us that all energies, money and health included, are fluid energies. They are always moving and fluctuating. It can be hard to navigate at times but that is the beautiful and awful challenge of life. Real problems erupt when we are governed by fear and these energies grow stagnant because we are holding on so tight to what little we have. Sometimes we can even find ourselves holding on to the belief that we deserve to be poor.

When the Six of Pentacles comes up I encourage people to stop, breathe, and try and visualize the energies of prosperity as flowing again.

Be open hearted and open minded, accept whatever help is offered to you while understanding that accepting in grace can help get the energies moving. Likewise, even if you are broke-ass poor or sick as a dog, you always have something to give – time, prayers, love, creativity – you name it. Humans are a wealth of resources. Think about consciously gifting some of your resources away with compassion and with the intent of getting the energy of prosperity flowing again. It doesn’t have to be anything big, the smallest thing can make someone’s day.

This may sound like a selfish act in some ways, but the cycle of prosperity moves through all of us. It is just another vibration in the universe that we can all tune into. As you help prosperity flow into your life, you are also helping others by keeping the wheel of wealth moving. The cycle of prosperity doesn’t just become stagnant when you become fearful, it becomes stagnant when you are rich and become miserly. Trusting that you will be taken care of by the universe and operating with an open heart, gifting and receiving with compassion and grace will help both you and your neighbour.

The more you open yourself up to the cycle of prosperity the more you will find fear drops away and wealth flows in. Trust. Grace. Compassion. Mindful generosity. Keep the wheel turning and the energy flow for all. There is enough. I promise.