Prices & Bookings


Welcome to Weaver Tarot. Thank you for stopping by. This page will tell you a little bit about Weaver Tarot, and the essential information regarding our services and bookings. However, our phone and email are always open for any further questions you may have.

If you are wondering what kinds of questions work well when consulting a tarot reader, rune or bone caster, or even a muse healer there is a handy guide on the FAQ page.

Before booking in, it is important that you refer to the Polices and Ethics page which also details the cancellation policy.

We do not offer refunds. As such, I ask that you try to the best of your capacity to make sure that you choose the best reader for you before you book. You can get a good feel for our various processes on the FAQ page, as well as reading the blog, Facebook Page and Instagram where free tarot readings, a free monthly tarot newsletter, along with a wealth of other juicy tarot, rune, bone, magick, hoodoo, and muse healing related material can be found. The testimonials page may also give you an unbiased picture of our work. If you have further questions you are more than welcome to call or email us. Some people even opt to book in for a smaller reading before committing to a larger reading, it just depends on your preference. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

~Gift vouchers are available~

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Catherine is based in Melbourne and available either face to face, online, and by phone any day of the week between 9:00am – 7:00pm AEST. This way she can read for you at a place of your convenience, wherever you are in the world. If you are in a timezone that makes it difficult to sit with Catherine during the hours above, please contact her and she can work something out.

Pearl and Shar have more variable schedules due to work, but as they are both in the U.S.A., this should ensure that we can provide you with a reading at the time of your choice.

Distance readings: phone, Skype and email

During our time as readers, we have found distant readings are effective and growing in popularity. People who generally benefit from distance readings are:

  • People who simply don’t have the time to travel for an appointment.
  • People who are unwell and can’t physically attend a tarot reader, rune or bone caster.
  • People who connect with my style of reading but live on the other side of the planet.
  • People who require an urgent and immediate reading.

How to pay

We use Etsy as our point of sale. All our services, face to face and online can be purchased there.

Payment for all readings is required beforehand.



Face to face, Skype, email, and phone Sessions with Catherine.

Face-to-Face in Melbourne $150.00 for 1.5-2 hours as needed. Tea and coffee provided. Children and pets welcome.

Skype/Phone/Email $80.00 for 90 minutes.


Uniquely Tailored Services and Sessions

Tailored sessions (astrology, spell work, hoodoo, medicine dolls, healings) are billed by time. No matter who you book in with, or for what service, you will pay by time. Please note, these prices do not include Weaving Spells.

Half an hour: $30.00

One hour: $80.00

And hour and a half to two hours: $150.00

Some prices will vary for spellwork, hoodoo and rootwork depending on the materials needed. For Pearl’s pricing please see her page. Catherine’s spell work will be discussed on an as needed basis.


Email, Skype, and Phone Prices

Email, Skype and phone readings are good for the same reasons listed for Skype and telephone readings, but have the added benefit of helping:

  • People who are on a budget.
  • People who like the idea of having a document to refer to at a later date that contains all the details of your reading.
  • People who have limited time.
  • People who require an immediate reading.

Prices for text and email readings are in American dollars (USD):

1 Card or 1 Rune – $7

~You will receive your reading file the day of your payment.

3 Cards or 3 Runes $30

~You will receive your reading file the day of your payment.

Full spread (10 cards) or as many Runes as necessary $80

~You will receive your reading file within 3 business days after your payment.