Catherine Winther

Tarot Reader, Bone Caster, Muse Healer, Dream Interpreter, Witch.


Catherine has PhD in psychology and extensive experience and training as a psychologist and counsellor. In 2009, Catherine survived a brain tumour. During the operation she suffered heart failure and died before returning to this world with an entirely new medicine. She subsequently retired as a psychologist and spent time focusing on her health, her new medicine and writing career.

As well as a PhD in psychology, Catherine has a second degree in creative writing and visual arts. Having always held a belief in the healing power of art, Catherine has worked as a photographer for over twenty-five years and has been writing just as long.

Catherine has been reading tarot for over twenty years and often incorporated tarot, along with animal and art therapy into her sessions with clients when working as a psychologist and counsellor.

Catherine strongly believes in the power of animals to heal. Both of her dogs are trained therapy dogs – however only Scout made the grade temperament wise. Wolf’s only downfall being is that she got too excited upon meeting people. If you come for a face to face reading, you will likely meet these two dogs, along with her two cats; Magiska and Batman (unless you would prefer that no animals be present for your readings.) Catherine’s house is an animal and child friendly house should you wish to bring either or both along to your session.

Catherine’s skills as a psychologist and counselor, along with her Jungian training, extensive study of, and work within the arts and various mystical paths and traditions, helps her delve deep when reading for her clients. She believes in the alchemy of words, conversation and holding space. Sometimes just being heard in a sacred space fosters healing, enlightenment and profound change. The use of magickal tools helps with this process. Her skills and wisdom can be used to assist anyone wishing to gain greater understanding of themselves and of their lives with the aim of making positive changes and fostering sustainable growth.

A large part of Catherine’s medicine is helping people who want gain a better understanding of their muse and/or muses. Catherine assists clients to understand their relationship to their muse and explore any challenges in the area of their inspiration, creativity and art. She then works with her tools and her client to explore new pathways forward.

To be clear, artists are not the only people with muses, they may work more directly with them on occasion, but anyone and everyone can work with muses. Creativity and inspiration is everyone’s birthright.

Catherine’s mystical and professional training enables her to empathetically observe and question from multiple and objective angles, gather insight, tap into her intuition and psychic gifts, and offer compassionate empowering suggestions to help you without disempowering you or creating dependence. Catherine advocates for your right and power to discover your own wildness and magick and celebrating that.

A muse can be a person, an object, deities, a personal connection with a muse energy, or simply understood as that spark of inspiration that artists experience when they feel the urge to pick up their tools. No matter how you define your muse, there are always ways to further, nurture and understand your connection with your muse and thus, your artistic process.

During her time reading for artists Catherine has found that working with the archetypal symbols and visualizations of the muse has been incredibly helpful for artists. The arts, muses and the mystical have all been closely related throughout history. The intersection of these three aspects, along with science, continues to weave seamlessly through Catherine’s work to help those she reads for.

Catherine has been a practicing solo, eclectic witch for over twenty-five years. Witch is a heavily loaded word but literally means ‘weaver’ and ‘wise one’. The term weaver generally refers to a witch’s ability to weave energy and weave between worlds. A witch is also connected to the earth and the cycles of nature. You won’t find Catherine replenishing her energy stores in large crowds or cities, she replenishes out mediating under the sequoias late at night with the bats and the owls and the foxes. Catherine’s home is any place where the wild things run free and the shadows are long. Although she has trained in and believes in the paths of animism and shamanism, the term Witch is the one she most identifies with but not to the exclusion of exploring and studying other paths.

Whether studying magick, art, science or nature, learning is a life long journey and passion for Catherine. She reveals in the beauty of growth, change and truth. Part of her role as a witch is working out ways to weave together science, art, philosophy, nature, magic in order to assist people. She believes in the healing power of beauty, art, magick, love and laughter but our ultimate teacher and guide is nature.

The magickal tools she is best trained in for working with others include tarot, bones, oracles, irreverence, laughter, crystals, research, coffee and crystal ball scrying, debate, herbs, dream interpretation, the art of listening, and the medicine of muse and animals.

Catherine seeks to be grounded, honest, compassionate and ethical when working with other. She promotes pleasure in life by encouraging passion and courage in those around her by way of humour, loving and deep connections both with people and nature, intelligent conversation, magick and creativity. When she isn’t writing or working with clients, she is either deep in nature with her dogs, or haunting the bookshops and cafes of Melbourne.

Catherine writes everything from poetry, short stories to novels ranging from literary to genre fiction. Her writing leans towards the purple, macabre, Lynchian and erotic. Her photography is largely nature and portraiture. She has various pens name under which she publishes scientific articles and opinion pieces.

Catherine’s work, whether artistic or magickal, has tended towards the shadows, she believes a balance of light and dark, unity and individualism are needed for a balanced approach to life. She advocates strongly against censorship and for authenticity and has a passion for mentoring young writers. In her view, the more art and magick in this world, the better. She seeks to break the shackles of fear and shame through education, compassion and encouragement.

If you would like a custom tailored Weaving Spell with Catherine, please see our Contact page. To find out more about Weaving Spells follow this link or email Catherine and she can contact you by phone or email to answer any questions. She looks forward to creating magick with you!