Medicine Dolls

Welcoming The Weavers: Muse Medicine Dolls TM (Patent Pending)


This is the prototype for the Muse Medicine Dolls that are slowly being birthed here at Weaver Tarot. They have been whispering over my shoulder from the shadows and through the echoes of my dreams for a long time.


Although a prototype, Arachne has presented herself as incredibly powerful, potent and blessed Weaver. She radiates light, often shimmering in the corner of my vision as I sit here working.


The Weavers each come with a spell in their womb. These spells may be herbs, crystals, curios, oils words, clothing, bones etc. etc. In Arachne’s case, she has a spider exoskeleton, chamomile, yew, and Herkimer diamonds. Her staff is wolf’s bone. Her eyes are amethyst. Her core is quartz elestial.


While I am sure their design will evolve over time, one thing will remain a constant with them: The Weavers are designed to be destroyed.


Whether you are a painter, writer, sculptor, chef, creator of your own life etc., we all have muses and they all get blocked sometimes. This blockage can be for all kinds of reasons including exhaustion, disconnection from the muse, sickness, time, natural creative cycles… The list goes on. The Weavers are designed to sit on your desk, in your studio, or wherever feels right for you and bring their supportive magick to your creativity and your life. However, if you feel yourself stuck, The Weavers are designed to be smashed. This will not only release the spell all at once in a powerful explosion of magick but also, destroying something beautiful give rise to emotions that will help propel you through the block. If it feels right, you can reassemble the shards and draw inspiration from them. This is very much in line with the philosophy of ‘killing your darlings’ and ‘true beauty is made to be destroyed’. Part of The Weaver magick is about freeing you from perfection, self-sabotage, attachment and societal expectations of what beauty and art is expected to be. They are here to help you be true to your art, your muse, and yourself and to damn the rest. They will help you overcome any preciousness in your work or internal fears about ‘creating wild’. Don’t be mistaken, The Weavers are here to support your success as artist, creator, witch, human… but only in a way that is authentic to ‘you’.


How you decide to work with The Weaver that calls to you is entirely up to you. The can be commissioned, ordered as a gift, or collected for yourself. When you receive them, they will talk to you and let you know how to get the most out of the magick they bring.


The Weavers are intentionally abstract in their appearance. This is because I am not here to dictate how your muse looks. The abstract nature of the Weavers allows your muse to present in its own way when you look at the doll and connect with it.


Arachne already has been purchased by her keeper but more designs are on the way.